141209 Yoochun wins rookie of the year award at ‘4th SACF Beautiful Artists Awards Ceremony’

Sea Fog Dongshik

On December 9, JYJ‘s Yoochun was spotted at the ‘4th SACF Beautiful Artists Awards Ceremony,’ which was held at Press Center International Conference Hall in Seoul, where he received the Rookie of the Year Award.

For his speech, Yoochun humbly revealed to the crowd that he felt honored to be awarded such a prize but also revealed that he was embarrassed to have not done his homework in advance when he wasn’t able to recognize the people who attended. 

He said, “Thank you. I didn’t realize this would be such a difficult place to be. There are so many teachers, and people that I’ve never met before. Yes, promotions are important but I realized that it is also important to study when attending important events like this.
Yoochun continued, “When the news came out, I was happy about getting the prize money (~20,000,000 KRW or around $18,100 USD). But seriously, it’s really not about the money and it’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that I’m standing here receiving such an immense award.


The idol-turned-actor then finished his speech and said, “I was lucky when I debuted and now I’m even able to film movies. Honestly, after I filmed a movie, I really just want to be in movies (for the most part) so my staff members are suffering. I’m sorry. I will work hard on my acting and enjoy working. Thank you for giving me this award and helping me to continue with my acting career. I will share the prize money with the staff members. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, Yoochun took on the role of Dongsik in the movie, ‘Sea Fog,’ which was released back in August of 2014. As Dongsik, Yoochun received much praise for the depth of his acting skills and the way he had expressed the overall character.


Credit: AllKpop

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