141217 35th Blue Dragon Film Awards Score Card and Judge Panel’s Comments on Park Yuchun

Judge Panel: (8)

Kim Hyung Joong ( Sport Seoul Culture Department Chief), No Young Jun (Film Producer),  Dong Yung Won (Film Producer/ Real Rise Pictures), Jeong Bo Suk(Film Actor), Ui Suk Jo (Film Director), Jo Jin Hee (Falculty/ Sookmyung Women’s Communication and Information School), Cho Hae Jung (Professor / Ang Art School), Ji Yung Hong (Film Director)


Park Yuchun got 4 points (voted by 4 judges) from judge panel(Im Si Wan 2; Kim Woo Bin 1; Ahn Jae Hyun 1)  and 1 point from the netizen voting.

Haemoo’s Lee Hae Jun also won Best Art Director.



Judge Panel:  “Park Yuchun’s acting suits movie even though he had only acted in TV dramas before. He used to play many prince roles but he had a great performance as the youngest crewman in Haemoo. He was especially impressive in the ending scene of the movie.”


Credit: Naver

Translated and Shared by: 6002Sky