150304 “Sensory Couple” Great chemistry between Park Yoo-chun Sin and Se-kyeong raises levels of expectation on the drama

SBS” new Wednesday & Thursday drama, “Sensory Couple” opened their first script reading session to the press.

The first script reading session was held in the production center in Il-san while the production team and the entire cast gathered together in the beginning of March.

Executive producer Lee Yong Suk said, “The success experts including director, writer and the cast all joined together” and “Thanks to them, I expect a good drama will be born”.

He introduced Park Yoo-chun, Sin Se-kyeong, Nam Goong-min,Yoon Jin-seo, Kim So-hyeon-I, comedian Jung Chan-woo, Kim Byeong-ok, Lee Won-jong, Jo Hee-bong, Oh Cho-hee, Oh Cho-hee, Nam Chang-hee, Park Jin-joo, Choi Tae-joon one by one.

Director Baek mentioned about the fact that Park Yoo-chun andKim So-hyeon-I met again since “The Rooftop Prince” by writerLee Hee-myeong and complimented the writer by saying, “He is such an attractive man. If I were a woman, I”d want to date him”.

He also mentioned about cinematographer Lee Gil-bok. “Since he was awarded Best Cinematography for “My Love from the Star“, the cinematography of our drama will also be amazing”.

And then the script reading session followed. When the heartfelt script by Moo-gak, who became a police officer, was read informing why he could not help it but became a police officer, everybody in the room was concentrating.

Sin Se-kyeong“s script reading was humorous and full of emotions as she is a comedian in the drama. Kim Byeong-ok, Lee Won-jong, and Jo Hee-bong kept presenting each comical act on the right timing.

The production team said, “Thanks to the harmonized and tense script reading by the entire cast of “Sensory Couple“, we could not notice how fast time was passing” and “Once the drama has started, the viewers also will be so immersed into the drama that they would not notice time passing”.

Sensory Couple” is a romantic comedy drama between Moo-gak (Park Yoo-chun), who cannot feel anything, and Cho-rim (Sin Se-kyeong) with a supersense and its first episode will go on air on April 1st after the completion of “Hyde, Jekyll and I“.


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