150311 Park Yoo-chun reunites with ‘Rooftop Prince’ writer in three years for new TV series ‘Sensory Couple’

Park Yoo-chun talked about being cast for SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday television series, ‘Sensory couple’.

‘Sensory Couple’ is based on the namesake webtoon. It is a romantic comedy drama with mystery and suspense. The drama will depict an insensate detective and an extrasensory woman who can even ‘see’ smells and scents.

“I felt it was a very interesting drama with an interesting script and character. I thought it would be fun to star in it,” said Park Yoo-chun, who was cast as an insensible detective, Choi Moo-gak.

‘Sensory Couple will feature a variety of genres. First, there is mystery and suspense. Choi Moo-gak investigates a crime and tries to arrest a serial killer. Then there is romance. He meets Cho-rim(Shin Se-kyung), a victim of the case. While he shares her pain, he falls in love with her. Finally, there is some comedy added. As there are some comedians starring in this drama, they will be responsible for the fun part as Choi Moo-gak’s colleagues.

Park Yoo-chun has reunited and teamed up with scriptwriter Lee Hee-myung in three years since they worked together in SBS’s television series ‘Rooftop Prince’ in 2012.

“I did have expectations about meeting writer Lee again,” he said. “That was one of the reasons I chose this drama. It is also an honor for me to work with such a great crew and great colleagues including Se-kyung.”

“Although there are a lot of action scenes in the beginning of the drama, Park Yoo-chun is willing to play his police officer part enthusiastically at all times. He is showing a good performance,” said one of the production crews from SBS.

SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday television series ‘Sensory Couple’ will premiere on April 1 after ‘Hyde, Jekyll, Me’. It will feature the cast of Park Yoo-chun, Shin Se-kyung, Namgoong Min, Yoon Jin-seo, Kim So-hyun, Jung Chan-woo, Kim Byung-wook, Lee Won-jong, Jo Hee-bong, Oh Cho-hee, Choi Jae-hwan and more.

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