2015 Park Yuchun International Fan Support for Sensory Couple (2nd Drive Deadline April 10th)

Dear Chunsas all around the world,

On March 1st, Park Yuchun confirmed to appear in SBS Sensory Couple, slated for Wed-Thur slot on SBS starting from April 1st. This news is very surprising to us fans, as Yuchun emphasized many times that he wanted to stick to movies only after Haemoo. In 2015 Park Yuchun LovingYu fanmeeting in Shanghai, Yuchun said he was happy that he could repay fans’ support immediately through his new drama. So Yuchun must know that many fans want to see him in a drama before enlistment and he tried to fulfill our wish. Therefore, even though there may be things about the drama that are not ideal according to some of us, we should feel very grateful because of this decision of his!

From his first drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal to his big screen debut Haemoo, he overcame harsh criticisms for an idol turned actors. Despite the odds, he managed to sail through the rough seas, gained recognition and credibility as a budding actor. His perseverance and drive to prove his dedication as a professional actor was seen through the acting awards he received. He is indeed our pride!

As you can see, right now, 6002Sky lacks manpower, and it has been quite a long while since our last support project (during Rooftop Prince) for Yuchun. However, Sensory Couple could be his last project before enlistment, which will last for two years long, as international fans of Park Yuchun, we decided to launch a donation drive to support Yuchun’s Sensory Couple. This project is aimed to let our Yuchun know that he is loved and cared for by fans around the world.

No donation is too big or too small; it’s your participation that matters. You’ll be part of that piece of love that Yuchun will bring with him everyday on the set of his drama. Do lend us your support.

This drive will be organized via 6002sky. We will try to ask for help from BlessingYuchun to take care of the rice wreath at the venue on the press conference day. If you are in Korea at that time and you think you could lend us some help, please don’t be shy to contact us. 

The Project

 1. Rice Donation [Estimated budget: U$D429]

We hope to provide rice donation during Sensory Couple drama press conference in Seoul, South Korea. The donation will be made under the name of Park Yuchun International Fans.

  2.  Advertisement Placement + Food Support (U$D 750-1700) 

Organizer’s Note: We hope to implement all projects that were mentioned above but the scale will highly depend on how much money we manage to collect and how much help we will get from Korea.

All suggestions will be considered but 6002sky will try to make the best decision possible based on the budget and feasibility. We sincerely ask for your understanding in this matter.


You may send your donation through Paypal account directly 6002sky paypal account (email: sensorycouple.6002sky@gmail.com). Log in your Paypal and choose Family and FriendsWe recommend this method. It won’t take long to create a Paypal account. Once you have one and link it to your credit or debit card, you can send us your donation. With Paypal, you can pay on many online shopping site easily.

If you send money through Paypal it will be free without fee, so in case you want to help us, you can gather as many donations from people that have no Paypal as you can, then use your Paypal to send the total amount.  If you do so, make sure to send us an email after donating including all the information of all donators. Thank you.

Please take note that even if you don’t have a paypal account, you can totally make the donation with your credit/debit card or bank account but there will be small fee charged. For credit/debit card payment, it charges 2.9 % of the donated amount plus 30 cents for US residents and 3.4 to 3.9 % if you live outside the US. For bank account payment, it is free inside the US and 0.5 to 2% (depend on location) of the donated amount outside the US. So if you live outside of the US, using your bank account might be a better option since it charges you less fee.

Clicking on the “donate” button below will direct you to the paypal site. Credit card and bank account payment option is on the bottom left hand side of the paypal site page.


After you have donated, kindly send us an email to sensorycouple.6002sky@gmail.com with subject title PYCIF Support Project with the following information:

Name (under which you have sent the money)
Name (under which you want to be listed)
Address (city, country)
Amount that you have sent (in U$D)

Upon receiving your donation, we will reply confirming receipt and update your name HERE. Statement of account will be updated regularly to ensure accountability.


Final deadline for 1st donation drive (rice wreath for press conference) will be March 20 , 2015.

Final deadline for 2nd donation drive (food support for filming) will be April 10 , 2015.


Please email us at sensorycouple.6002sky@gmail.com if you have any questions or suggestions.


6002SKY are not doing this project for any financial benefits. We hope to bring together fans that love Yuchun and show him that we always keep the faith for him.

Thank you for visiting our link and we would be really grateful if you, as individuals and fan sites, could help us promote this project.

Again, thank you all for your love and support,