[NOTICE] Plan to Carry Out 2015 PYCIF Support Project for Sensory Couple Press Conference

Dear our lovely supporters,

At the end of 1st drive, we have collected $1,127.3. Even though the casting announcement came late and we have to rush this time, to be able to collect this much, it is all because of your love and support for Yoochun and 6002Sky. Thank you so much!

We also want to cheer for and are thankful to fans in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, USA, Norway, Australia, Macau, Puerto Rico,Russia and so on for either donating to our project or having your own support project for Yoochun in this very important drama. We hope you will have great success in your projects as well. We are very happy to do it together with you.

At first, we expected not to collect enough and we were not able to plan a trip to Korea, even though we wanted to do subway ad and food project, we did not think we could, so we decided to only go with the rice wreath for Sensory Couple Press Conference.

However, because Yoochun is so well loved by fans from all over the world, we can tell that many are sending rice wreath to the press conference. Moreover, we have been asking for help from BlessingYuchun and got confirmed yesterday that they could give us a lot of help for our possible food support. So we think, maybe we should send some direct love and thank-you to Yoochun and the team who have been working so hard for the filming.

WAt the end of 1st drive, we have collected $1,127.3 So we are open to 2 options:

1. Do 200kg rice wreath (USD811) for the press conference. This means we will only have around $300 left in balance. We are not sure how much we can collect in the 2nd drive.

2. Do 100kg rice wreath (USD429) for the press conference. This means we will have $698 in balance, according to BlessingYuchun it may be good enough for fruit cups and vitamin drinks, and we can have coffee truck for $750.

6002Sky admins are favoring the 2nd option. However, if not for your support and love, we would not be able to collect this much so we want you to be the one who make the decisions. Maybe some of you think 100kg rice wreath is too little. maybe some of you are fine with 100kg (you can check the size and price here and 200kg really looks nicer) It is all up to you.

We conducted a poll below to ask for your opinion.

So far, seems like most chose 100kg and food support! Make sure you go see what 100kg looks like here. The banner will be small compared to other options but since our budget is not very big, there is nothing we can do. We already made the banner, but we have not ordered it yet because we want to make sure you know what we are going for.

We are doing the 2nd drive, but we have no idea how much we will be able to collect. We wanted to do 200kg since the banner is bigger and nicer but if we do that one, we will only have $300 left in balance and we need 300-450 more for a coffee truck. We are not sure what we can do with $300 yet. May be we can buy vitamin drink and fruit cups with $400.

So we ask you again for your opinion, after seeing the banner, which one you really want to do. This time, after get your final opinion, we will order the rice on Monday so it will not be late for the press conference.LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW! OR TELL US THROUGH EMAIL! (at sensorycouple.6002sky@gmail.com)

Thank you so much for your participation! We hope this project will be successful and Yoochun and Sensory Couple team can feel our love and support!