150325 ‘Sensory Couple’ Rom-com King Park Yoo-chun returns to the small screen



We are excited with the return of rom-com king Park Yoo-chun.

In the preview trailer of SBS’ new Wednesday & Thursday drama special, ‘Sensory Couple‘ released on March 25th, Park Yoo-chun showed off his various sides in the scenes such as the cute meokbang scene to the brilliant action acting scenes.

Park Yoo-chun brought the characteristic of the senseless police officer, Choi Moo-gak to life successfully by sporting the motionless facial expression during the action acting scenes. He also showed off the valiant aspect as a police officer in the scene where he said, “Please hire me as the officer in the serious crime unit”.

His versatile and various images catch your eyes when he revealed his cute side with the lamb head shaped towel headpiece and his outstanding ability to gulp down food.

Park Yoo-chun will deliver suspense as well as funny flicks through the trace and chase scenes after a serial killer and his unpredictable behaviors.

Sensory Couple‘ is about a police officer, who lost all the senses due to the trauma after he lost his younger sister and then lives extremely dull life afterwards, finally goes through a healing process when he meets an extrasensory woman.



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