150331 Interview for People.cn: Park Yuchun Who Transforms into a Senseless Detective


Q: Park Yuchun-ssi, you played a cop in <Missing You> and a bodyguard in <Three Days>. Is there a difference between those roles and the role you’re playing this time in comparison?

PYC: A detective in <Missing You> and a bodyguard in <Three Days> but this time, I’m not playing a heavy role; just the role of a policeman. Even though I’m just a policeman but there are many action scenes and there are really many eating scenes. I’m playing a role of a policeman who has no senses and because of that, he blindly dives into any incident to reveal the truth.

Q: You received many congratulatory gifts from your Chinese fans. Do you realize your popularity in China?

PYC: Thank you for loving me. Whenever I am filming, fans come from China not only to take care of me but also the staffs. They took care of our food and clothes but not just them; fans in Korea also do the same. I think we would not have been able to adapt well if it were not for the things they gifted us with. I’m sincerely thankful for your care and it would be great if the people in China are also able to watch this drama <The Girl Who Sees Smells>. I really mean it.

Q: Please say a few words to the netizens of people.cn.

PYC: (In Chinese) Xie xie, wo ai ni [Meaning: Thank you, I love you]. Thank you very much, I’ll work hard in acting and in my activities so I hope you’ll stay tuned. Later on if I have the chance, I’ll learn a lot of Chinese so that I can quickly find time to go to China and to have conversations with all of you in Chinese. Thank you. (In Chinese) Zai jian [Meaning: See you].

Source: people.cn

Video Credit: Micky Tube

Translated by: yochwennie

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