150402 JYJ Line Update: Yoochun’s Greetings from his filming site

밤을 새서 촬영 해도 즐거운 이유 바로 우리 배우 스텝들이 있기에… 어제도 촬영 하면서 함께 모여 본방 봤어요.

오늘 2회도 본방사수~~^^



Even if I stayed up all night shooting, the reason behind the fun is indeed because the co-stars and staffs were there… We had filming yesterday as well and we gathered together to watch the first broadcast.

Don’t miss episode 2 today~~ ^^

Please look forward to it~


그가 가장 어색해 하는 것은 셀카와 브이….. 바람이 불어 더 표정이 어색한 것이라고 덧붙였습니다 ^^;;;;



The most awkward thing for him is selca and posing with ‘V’…..He added that because the wind was blowing his expression was even more awkward ^^;;;;

Source: JYJ Line

Translated by: yochwennie

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