150410 Will Park Yoo-Cheon save SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama?

Park Yoo-Cheon is saving SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama.

SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Girl Who Sees Smell’ with Park Yoo-Cheon rated 7.8% of national viewer’s rating and took back 2nd on Wednesday-Thursday drama with 4 episodes.
In the center of the success of ‘Girl Who Sees Smell’, there’s Park Yoo-Cheon. Park Yoo-Cheon’s one-man show that he works with comic, action, melo and all is the key engine of ‘Girl Who Sees Smell’.
Park Yoo-Cheon came back to dramas in a long time, and he is drawing viewers’ eyes with matured acting. From action acting to eating acting with drinking hot coffee and ramen, emotional acting with the loss of sister, and fresh romance, he enchanted viewers with various spectrum.
With the comeback of Park Yoo-Cheon, SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama has spring as well. Its previously drama ‘Hyde Jekyll, and Me’ rated the lowest viewers rating. However, ‘Girl Who Sees Smell’ is taking care of the dark history of SBS Wednesday-Thursday dramas. [Photo=SBS capture from ‘Girl Who Sees Smell’]

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