150421 Park Yuchun International Fan Support Project for Sensory Couple Detailed Report

Dear Chunsas,

2015 Park Yuchun International Fan Support Project for Sensory Couple has ended successfully thanks to your support. Below is the list of donators/supporters and how we used the total amount for the support project. You can also check it here.

We carried out two different support:

1. Rice wreath for the drama press conference on 3/30/2015.

Through DREAME, we sent 100kg rice (USD429) to needed people under Yoochun’s name. We hope to be able to bring happiness to many people just as how Yuchun has brought happiness to us. We are so glad that many fans from all over the world also showed their love through this occasion. In total, under Yuchun’s name, there was total 11,5 ton rice in the press conference.

2. Coffee Truck Support for Filming Crew on 4/18/2015.

We would like to send our deepest thanks to Blessing Yuchun for helping us contact with Yuchun’s manager and the coffee business. In only a few weeks of filming, there have been tremendous support for the filming crew that we have to be in queue to arrange our food support but thanks to BlessingYuchun admins, we were able to process it successfully. We also want to thank Shafiyyah for helping with the stand banner. We hope the filming crew can feel our love and support for them, especially for Yuchun, from 13 different countries all over the world.

In the main banner, we put the Korean text that mean “Thank you for taking care of our Yuchun. The Girl Who Sees Smells Fighting!” to show our gratitude to the crew. We also put credits to all of our supporters in the stand banner and the cup logo to make sure it is known that Yuchun is loved from fans all over the world.

We also would like to thank every fansite and fanclub that has been showing support and love to The Girl Who Sees Smells and Yuchun through your support projects and through updating and promoting the drama everyday. We are so glad to be a part of this amazing fandom. We wish all the best for The Girl Who Sees Smells casts and crew! Thank you for letting Yuchun know that he has been loved and cared for in every step on his path to success and happiness!