150420 Girl Who Sees Smell & Heard It Through the Grapevine rank 2nd and 3rd in Content Power Index

SBS mini series The Girl Who Sees Smell and Heard It Through the Grapevine maintain their popularity for the second week of April 2015 (6 – 11 April). Today CJ E&M released Contents Power Index points for the most influential TV shows for that week.

Popular variety show Infinity Challenge claims the first place with 262.1. It’s not a huge surprise because IC had more buzz than usual due to their Sixth Man project. Romantic comedy TGWSS is continually receiving love from the viewers, they rank second 246.1. Solid dark comedy HITTG with their witty satire come in the third place with 232.4.

cr: Osen, TVDaily, beutucorner

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