150512 Shin Se Kyung and Park Yoo Chun go on a sweet date for ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’

The production team for current airing SBS TV Wed-Thu drama ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells,’ has today released new photos of Choi Moo Gak (Park Yoo Chun) going on a sweet date with Oh Cho Rim (Shin Se Kyung).

In the photos, the two go on a date just like any other couples. Moo Gak picks out a hairpin for Cho Rim, and looks at her lovingly. Meanwhile, the two also ate ice cream, took a stroll in the park, and even rode a bicycle together, and it made for a refreshing sight.

The sudden rain saw Moo Gak whipping out the umbrella, while Cho Rim naturally wrapped her hands around the former’s waist. Although their actions seem to resemble any other couples out there, viewers who have been watching the drama all this while, will feel really emotional about this.

The upcoming episode of ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ will air on May 13th at 10PM (KST) through SBS TV.

By: Alvin

Credit: kpopfighting

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