150521 ‘Cultwo Show’ Jung Chan-woo “Park Yuchun called to say he’s listening to the radio right now”

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DJ Cultwo’s Jung Chan-woo disclosed, “We were told that Park Yuchun is in the middle of filming while listening to us on the radio”.

On SBS Power FM ‘Jung Chan-woo and Kim Tae-gyun’s Escape at 2pm, Cultwo Show’ that aired on May 21, Jung Chan-woo said, “‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ has its last episode today and we heard that Park Yuchun is listening to the radio on the street where he is out filming right now,” and “Officer Choi Mugak, are you listening in?”.

Currently in the same drama together, he continued, “Thank you, Yuchun-ah, and I love you!” and caught attention for displaying his unusual affection [for Yuchun].

Source: OSEN via Naver
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3

Credit: Thereis sky

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