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1:40-3:15 of the interview:

Which style of drama do you feel is more suited for you?

YC: In “The Girl Who Sees Smell”?


YC: In “The Girl Who Sees Smell”… that kind of drama style is more suited for me. Personally I think, regardless of the style, I feel it’s more comfortable when filming some light dramas…my emotions, my mood … it’s that… no matter how long the lines are, when filming some not-so-heavy scenes, I feel particularly relaxed and at ease. The atmosphere is also good. But when filming dramas that have a lot of emotional scenes, everyone will become a bit sensitive. Because of this….that’s why, basically I prefer filming light dramas. Very happy.

Funny/comedy dramas?

YC: No, funny/comedy dramas are very hard.

Is it very hard? But you acted very well.

YC: Although it’s very hard, but there’s the need to act well quickly so that the director can shout “OK” and end quickly. Also, initially, when filming funny/comedy dramas, there will be a bit of awkwardness. But I need to break through that kind of awkwardness quickly, that’s why I was able to shoot with better results. And in order to eliminate the awkwardness/embarrassment, that’s why initially, I deliberately acted with a bit of exaggeration. Very exaggerated.

The response in the filming site must be very good.

YC: But during filming, the staffs have joined in and helped in laughing so the atmosphere is very good. But at the filming site, generally, it can’t be that we’re the only ones happy. We also need to let the viewers feel that it’s funny. I have also worried about this matter. But it seems the outcome is acceptable.

3:16-3:40 of the interview:

YC: About Shin Se Kyung, her personality is originally very lively. Her personality is very nice. That’s why when we work together, we have good rapport. Working together is very comfortable. We just met while working on this drama, but it feels like she’s a friend I’ve known for a long time. Very comfortable.

4:08-4:52 of the interview:

What kind of superpower do you wish to possess?

YC: In real life, the superpower that I really wish to possess is the ability to memorize all the lines of the script at once. Really… it must be really great. If there’s really one, like you input the lines and you push a button, then all the lines will automatically go into the brain.

When you need it, it’ll just come out.

YC: It will immediately come out. It would be nice if there’s really one in real life. The reason why I would think this way is because TV dramas are mostly filmed in a rush. The time to memorize the lines are not enough so it must be great to have that kind of superpower during those times. Another would be the ability to teleport. The kind of ability where you sleep a little at home during night time then, when you’re called out, you could fly to the filming site. It would be great if one can do that.

4:53-6:13 of the interview:

When filming the drama “The Girl Who Sees Smell”, what sort of things did you gain?

YC: I gained Choi Eun Sol (T/N: translation was based on Chinese subtitles only. But the way he said it in Korean doesn’t sound like Choi Eun Sol). What did I get… actually when filming “The Girl Who Sees Smell”, personally it seems that I have never thought that I lack something right now, so it feels like I haven’t gained anything. It’s just… because filming was carried out comfortably and happily, I was able to integrate it into the drama. Probably, the viewers have also felt it while watching this drama. Personally, I don’t feel that filming this drama really… that I particularly gained something, promoted into something. Just simply being able to finish this drama filming comfortably.

The viewers felt “The Girl Who Sees Smell” is interesting… I’m very glad. I feel that one can relax and enjoy this drama. Of course in the middle part, the bar code serial murder case appeared. But despite that, overall, it’s a drama where you can have a relaxed mood while watching. Wouldn’t it be like this? Just like when the weather is nice, you’d like to go out. When the weather is nice, you’d like to watch that kind of drama. I hope everyone will also feel the same.

6:21-17:16 of the interview:

When you meet fans, how do you face/confront them?

YC: Very cool/calm. I don’t talk to everyone. I don’t look into everyone’s eyes too. But I’m usually like this especially at the filming site. Why? I feel it’s more like a sort of habit. It’s also related to my personality. It’s… I can’t manage to be mushy/sappy with everyone.

With fans?

YC: Yes. It feels very awkward, very mushy. Just… greeting… I feel that way is the best. Getting a step closer will also have a little distance. Of course there will be the part where you exchange your feelings, but it’s not necessarily that I have to do this, and they also have to do that. It’s like it’s not necessarily have to be explained this very clear too. My personality is not suitable for that so … fool for fans (referring to artists who love their fans very much)… is it not they say a fool for daughters (referring to dads who lover their daughters very much)? I feel like I’m not that kind who is a fool for fans.

7:17-8:07 of the interview:

How’s the performance during fan meetings?

YC: Very common/ordinary. On my part, there’s nothing special. During rehearsals, during preparations, the people planning the fan meeting will ask me to say some mushy/sappy lines. Those lines…I would remove them as much as possible. Personally, the fan meetings that I like are those where you can speak comfortably…very relaxed. I hope there will be lots of occasions where I can speak more with fans. Actually, although they say fan meetings are for interaction with fans, but I’m always the one who have the microphone and talk to everyone. It’s more like I’m the only one talking with everyone. So that’s why, as much as possible, I listen to the questions of fans or the things that they’re interested to know. I feel it’s also nice to do more of this kind of arrangement.

8:10-9:23 of the interview:

Recently, Jaejoong enlisted already. Would you like to say a few words to him?

YC: I have recently talked to Jaejoong on the phone for 30 minutes. Don’t know where I got the words to talk for so long. I don’t usually talk on the phone.

But after his enlistment…

YC: After his enlistment, he called me. We talked for 27 minutes. When we hanged up, I looked on my phone and found out that we have talked for 27 minutes.

What did you talked about?

YC: He asked me to go to his unit.

He asked you to be his junior (in the military)

YC: He asked me to go to his unit… roughly, we talked about these things. We also talked about his life in the military. But really, I have not talked with someone on the phone for more than 10 minutes for a long time. Usually during my younger years when dating someone, that’s when I get to talk for a long time on the phone. But aside from that time, it’s really been a long time. Still with men.

With men…

YC: He seems to be doing well. I’m glad. Other than that is not important. The most important thing is that he comes back safely and in good health. Recently, there are lots of problems. As long as he comes back safely… and wait until Junsu comes back after his enlistment… JYJ comeback will probably have to wait for 5 years. But I still hope after he comes back, all 3 of us can do a comeback. That’s what I think.

9:24-13:01 of the interview:

During your break, do you go on a holiday?

YC: Originally, I often go on a holiday. Before,  whether it’s countryside activities or outdoor activities…I like them very much. I won’t just stay at home. I would always go somewhere on a trip. Always like that…or go to the seaside without wanting to come back. It’s like that before. But recently, I just feel like it’s most comfortable to stay at home. Watching TV at home is very relaxing. Just like that. There was a time recently with the older brothers that I have worked with…older and younger brothers…five men drinking together. It’s really great. We don’t have to use words with each other…just drink a glass and relax. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other so we talked about the old times…talked about …because we go to know each other when we were in our teens. I was in my teens.

It’s really been a long time. It’s amazing.

YC: That’s right. It’s also good that when you’re drinking a glass of wine, you’ll feel some sort of happiness. So recently, I won’t particularly make any plans to do something. If someone asks me to go out for a drink, I’ll go. Otherwise, I’ll just stay at home. Watch movies, watch TV. Probably just like this.

Awhile ago, you said you already went to different places for a trip…

YC: I like Bora Bora. I went there when I was young. Actually, I don’t really like to sit on planes. First, sitting on planes feels like going for work. For me, I feel… so if possible, I just travel domestically. Recently, because of filming, I went to Geojedo. I stayed there for a while. After that, I went there again once for a trip with staffs. There’s a Dwaeji Gukbap there that’s very delicious. Really, the soup… Gukbap. Aside from that one…

You like to go there not because of the Gukbap, right?

YC: It’s because of the Gukbap that made me want to go there. I like to go there because of the Gukbap. The kimchi is delicious and also the sulju (liquor) that the grandfather personally made . Sulju…the grandfather said he doesn’t give it randomly to anyone.

Is it because Park Yuchun went there?

YC: Because it’s been a long time I haven’t seen him. He’s happy to see me. That’s why the grandfather and the grandmother there gave me a bottle of wine to bring home. I feel this way is very nice. Just like …actually, just like we’ve been artists/celebrities for a long time, aside from the people we meet at work and the people we usually meet, privately, it’s hard to meet new people. But just like the restaurant in Geojedo, although it’s just an ordinary restaurant, but for me, talking to the people I meet there gives me a kind of healing effect.

Lastly, after your fan meetings, are there still planned activities?

YC: There are still a few scenes left with the movie filming. Fan meeting tour…because my company suggested to organize one, so next will be the start of the tour. But it seems there’s no other big plans. Just small plans to meet fans. And aside from some simple work, there’s no other major plans. As for me, for the meantime…just resting comfortably.

YC: I’ll shut up now.

Awhile ago, we were filming downstairs…messages that your fans would like to say to you.

YC: What did they say…will scold me? Asked me to return to the US? They asked me to return to the US?

Yes, they asked you to return to the US.

YC: That one, I also like to. I really…

(They showed him the phone with two fans saying their messages for him)

***translations were done based on the Chinese subtitles only***

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Translated by ParkYoochunSGFC

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