Yoochun and ‘Snoopy in Love’

[INFO] On the occasion of Snoopy’s 65th anniversary, the exhibition ‘Snoopy in Love’ is held at Seoul Lotte Avenue from 30th July to 16th August 2015. Snoopy(s) made by celebrities are displayed at the exhibition and will go into the charity auction ‘Giving my Heart to Snoopy’ at the end.  All the profits will go to the World Vision to help other people. 65 Korean and foreign celebrities, including Park Yoochun take part in this activity.

[TRANS] My fans call me ‘6002’ with deep affection. It’s that kind of affection that I want to give to Snoopy as a gift. That’s the concept of my work.

What is Snoopy to you?

When I was a child, the immigrant life in America is unfamiliar, in my mind, Snoopy was a friend. Although I forgot (about him) because I have got busy, having a reunion with Snoopy while doing this, I am reminded of that time. Snoopy is a warmth that helped me adapt to my unfamiliar immigrant life.

From ‘Give Me Love’ Campaign Book

Pic cre: DC PYC & tlagyska@twitter

Info & trans by: 6002SKY

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