150721 Park Yuchun in Japanese Magazine Anan (Issue No.1964) (W/Trans)

Around the end of June, somewhere in Shin-Yokohama. When he came into the room, he first said “please take care of me today.” (T/N: more like a polite expression than the literal meaning of it) His warm smile immediately brightened up the whole room. Then he started taking pictures, hummed a song, and joked with the hairstylist, just like an innocent teenager. When the staff praised him “so handsome”, Yuchun turned shy. Showing his handsome form, suddenly, he revealed his cute expression. The staffs would not move from their view. The whole interview was fun.

During the interview, ANAN’s staff said Yuchun doesn’t look like 29 years old. He immediately said, “That’s right” and added “just like a middle-school (high school) student.” The staff frankly replied, not like a middle-school student. Because Yuchun has a sense of humor, the whole interview was relaxed and happy. He doesn’t only “reply”, but rather, he “conversed” diligently (with his heart). After the interview, he also politely expressed his thanks to everyone.

During the interview, it seems that the person who enjoyed it more was Yuchun himself. Humming “anan, anan” by himself, imitating the sound “Xiu Xiu” when the hairstylist puts hairspray and talking to the staff.

Q: Please introduce the drama “The Girl Who Sees Smells”
YC: It’s about a young man with no feelings meeting a girl who can see smells. (laughs)

Q: Is the content very funny?
YC: No, when I was acting it, it’s really painful.

Q: Yuchun-ssi is not scared of pain?
YC: (His voice became louder a bit) I’m scared of pain.

Q: You’re referring to the physical pain, right?
YC: Scared of pain, very scared. Pain is pain!

Q: Heard you were injured while filming?
YC: The muscle near my ribs was injured. But the role requires action scenes. I can’t complain. That one is quite difficult.

Q: How about mind and spiritual pain?
YC: It’s not very strong, and not very weak. Mundita? How do you say it in Japanese? (asks staff) Accustomed? Numbness? It’s not right. How do you say it? It’s not paying attention to it, it’s ignoring it.

Q: You mean you’ve learned not to pay attention to it?
YC: Yes, somewhat like that.

Q: How do you overcome mind and spiritual pain?
YC: Is there a way to overcome it? (turns to staff) Usually, what would everyone do? Drink? Watch TV? Play games?

Q: Would you tell or pour out your grievances to others?
YC: Usually I won’t. When eating out with friends and listening to everyone’s usual small talks, that kind can heal more.

Q: During the Japan tour last year, what kind of scene did you see up on stage?
YC: Was it last year? To summarize it in one word, it would be very beautiful, and also very touching. Thinking about how we can be on stage and look at everyone, I don’t know until when it would be.

Q: Something that left a deep impression on you?
YC: I have many memories with Japan. During the second encore of the concert in Tokyo Dome when we cried while singing “Begin” together.

Q: Did you cry during the rehearsal?
YC: I was okay during the rehearsal. But at the concert venue when the music played, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling.

Q: Among the songs of JYJ, which song is the one you cherish the most?
YC: (smiled brightly) wow! Recently, I have many activities as an actor and lesser activities as a singer. These kinds of question are very few. Very happy! Personally, the one I cherish the most is still “Found You”.

Q: This time’s drama is about smell…you feel your smell is..?
YC: Smell? Is it really the smell?

Q: Both can be. Your personal smell or your internal smell.
YC: Internal smell? Ah, it’s the smell of a person. It’s because I’m also an ordinary person, an ordinary person’s smell.

Q: You’re a celebrity!
YC: Really. Really, the people working in the entertainment industry would usually live the life of an ordinary person.

Q: Being in the entertainment industry for 10 years and maintain this kind of mentality is not easy.
YC: Is it? I’m not sure.

Q: What kind of existence are fans for you?
YC: It’s hard to explain because our activities in Japan are very limited. I feel I can’t do anything if fans have already forgotten us. But the fans have always been supporting us, loving us. During last year’s tour, I was really surprised. That’s why it’s hard to explain the kind of existence. They’re people who are very important.

Q: Do you have any words or requests for your fans?
YC: requests?

Q: Like don’t change your hearts…that kind.
YC: I feel it’s okay if they change their hearts. Really. Really, it’s okay.

Q: Is it because you have confidence that your fans won’t leave?
YC: It’s not confidence. But if I’m not around, telling fans “you have to wait for me” these kind of words, I feel it’s a bit selfish.

Q: Come back after I return from my enlistment… these kind of words?
YC: It’s okay if they don’t return too.

Q: Very modest…
YC: It’s not like this. Although I wish that after I return from my military duties, seeing my hard work, they would become interested in me again and support me once again. But I feel it’s not right to let everyone wait for me when I’m not around.

Q: Lastly, your words for your fans
YC: I will work hard. (He seriously thought for a while, then brightened up) Take care everyone. We’ll meet again.

Talking about Yuchun’s self-made song “Walking in the Spring with Her”. It’s not an official publicly released song. Yuchun said, “My Company hopes that they could release it, but personally, I don’t feel like releasing it.”

When asked about the reason, Yuchun said, “Isn’t it very special if you can only listen to the song during fan meetings and concerts?”

Source: 朴有天吧官方微博

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