Joint Project #Waitingfor6002

Our dearest 6004s,

As you know our 6002 will be enlisting very soon, for roughly 2 years. So together with YC_INA – the initiator – and other Yoochun’s fansites 6002SKY would like to do a meaningful project before he goes. And of course we need your help!

So basically we want Chunsas from all around the world to take picture or video with #Waitingfor6002 banner. Make it as creative as possible!

1. Take a picture or video in front of your city landmark with #Waitingfor6002 banner (Feel free to show yourself or not).

2. Tweet your picture with hashtag #Waitingfor6002, you can post as many as possible.

3. Upload your video in Youtube or Vine and then tweet the link with #Waitingfor6002 hashtag

4. We have a banner pic sample, you can print it and use it freely. But of course, you can always make your own banner. Make it pretty!

5. Please tweet your picture or video before 25th of August.

6. If participants reach more than certain limit, we are planning to create a photobook and send it to Yuchun as a Token of Love.

We would like to thank you in advance for your support for this project. Let’s show our love!


6002SKY & PYC International Fansites