150809 Park Yuchun’s Interview with Women’s Weekly (Shukan Josei/週刊女性) August 2015

The things that one wants to know, he’s here right now

the time to get in touch with Park Yuchun“with no make-up”—-

 “I feel that I have a special fate and luck, but I’m not particularly special. I want to live normally.”

Park Yuchun who said it this way, carried out his singing activities as a member of JYJ and at the same time, debuting as an actor through 2010’s “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”. The people who met him as a singer and those who met him as an actor, although the way how they met him varied, all the people who met Park Yuchun would get attracted by his charm no matter which way was it. That is, once you know, you’ll be caught into that particular presence.

After showing a steady and exquisite acting in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, Park Yuchun filmed a romantic drama “Miss Ripley”.

Through the touching fictional romantic drama “Rooftop Prince”, he was able to establish his position as a top-notch actor. And in “Missing You”, his sorrowful and at the same time, lovable acting moved the hearts of the female viewers.

In the suspense drama “3Days”, having to face big time actors, his acting was still comparable to them. And as an actor, Park Yuchun’s acting continues to grow.

Also, Yuchun’s new drama, “The Girl Who Sees Smells”, is currently being aired for the first time through KNTV. Although the main protagonist is a bit mysterious, a guy with no feelings who doesn’t feel pain, but Yuchun was able to interpret this character naturally. Next, we’ll show you the “Yuchun world” that is impossible for people to dislike and has endless charm.


—–With older women, I want to hug her tight —–

—–From start till the end of the interview was very pleasant? —–

Yuchun just used Japanese in answering throughout the interview. “ It can’t be, it can’t be, it’s already the maximum limit!” Although he said it this way, but nonetheless, he was quick-witted and fluent in answering. From start till the end, Yuchun answered our questions in excellent spirits.

Holding his chin while thinking about the questions, laughing at his answers, his varied facial expressions, just like the cuteness of a child or a small pet.


During the photoshoot, Yuchun was also full of cuteness with the male photographer.

Requesting the photographer, “more sexy!” Yuchun put his hand on the neckline of his thin knitted shirt, pulled it down, then exposing his shoulder! He’s really very dedicated! But the photographer dismissed him saying, “Uh, it’s a little too much…..” The image of Yuchun sticking out his tongue after he was turned down by the photographer was also very cute!


Because he cannot feel pain, so it doesn’t matter even if he’s being kicked and hit; because he cannot feel heat, that’s why he can drink a very hot coffee in just one shot! Because he doesn’t have a sense of taste and doesn’t have the feeling of fullness, that’s why he can finish up several big bowls of dishes. A man with “paresthesia” is like this.

In the latest TV drama “The Girl Who Sees Smells”, Choi Mugak, the role that Park Yuchun acted on, is both fearless and insensitive (it’s just that he doesn’t have feelings?). His character is serious, plus, being a policeman, is a manly role that women would love.

“Probably, among the roles that I have played until now, Mugak is the one that is closest to my usual self. But it’s not because of this that made it easier for me to act. Can I act it out well or not? The uneasiness I felt before the shooting started was more than the anticipation. Most of his feelings were numb, that’s why he also doesn’t have a “heart that feels”. When he eats something good, he won’t have the feeling of happiness. The reason why Mugak’s character became like this, I feel it’s because after the death of his beloved sister, he created it out just to overcome his grief. That’s why he’s even more pitiful. Having to portray all these was very hard, that’s why I was very worried. It’s not just with no feelings, I also have to show Mugak’s grief.”

So that’s the case! That’s why, the Mugak who remains expressionless no matter what, caused people to laugh. At the same time, there’s also something like sadness and also something like anger, which made it impossible for people to understand the strange temperament. It makes people who saw it, unable to get over it.

“Because after losing his beloved sister, Mugak’s inner (emotional) wound continued to become his conscious existence.”

It turns out, there’s also Yuchun’s “carefully calculated” acting hidden here! Indeed, this is the role that only he can manage!

“But it’s really very difficult to act it out! The moment when one feels pain, not only the expression, but also the body will have a reaction too. But to act it out and pretend as if it’s not painful is really hard compared to what I thought. I have thought about it a lot on how to let viewers feel that this kind of unusual character who doesn’t feel pain was natural.”

Then, are you sensitive to pain?

“I’m scared of pain! But everyone doesn’t like pain, right? (laugh) Also, Mugak has a huge appetite. That’s why when we have to shoot a scene where I have to eat a lot, I really want to die. (laugh) I feel that food has a certain time frame to be considered delicious. But while shooting, I don’t worry about that. But I came to know about it again this time while filming. Food has to be eaten at a certain period when they are still delicious. And that is courtesy. ”

Mugak is often misunderstood because he cannot feel anything. In real life, did you experience being misunderstood?

“A lot. For example, 10 years ago during my debut, originally, my personality was relatively quiet, more like an introvert. That’s why the staffs at the TV station often misunderstood me. Because I don’t talk much, so they thought I’m arrogant because I gained a little popularity. So after that, I consciously changed my personality to become more cheerful and more talkative. But I also became someone who would drink a lot when I start to drink. (laugh)”


Yuchun according to his co-stars

Year 2010 “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”

Kim Kap Soo sunbaenim (played the role as his father): “ Before, I’ve known Park Yuchun as a singer only, but his acting is very natural, unlike the other juniors. Yuchun’s character is very good, very honest and respectful.”

Year 2011 “Miss Ripley”

Lee Da Hae: “Park Yuchun is baby-faced, but he also has a very mature side. He would even respond to my jokes seriously and there were times when he would even say some lame/corny jokes. A very interesting person. At the filming site, he’s like a mascot.”

Year 2012 “Rooftop Prince”

Director Shin Yoon Sub: “Park Yuchun has the necessary talent and ability of an actor. Very sensible and his expressions are full of charm… and even as a man, I’d also get attracted. That’s why now I understand the reason why he is loved by women.”

Jung Suk Won: “The feeling of Park Yuchun’s acting is very good. During filming, we had a lot of on-the-spot acting. The comedy scenes became lively and fun because of Yuchun. Also, while shooting, an unfortunate thing happened but he totally didn’t let anyone feel these things, making me feel that Yuchun has a strong sense of responsibility.”

Year 2012 “Missing You”

Song Ok Sook: “Park Yuchun can show his emotions deeply and can absorb the things taught to him immediately. I admire and appreciate his enthusiasm and his talent. He’s very honest. His effort in attempting to break the idol singer attitude is very good.”

Year 2014 “3Days”

Director Shin Kyung Soo: “Park Yuchun’s ability to do action drama is very high. He can instantly understand the situation of the character and his acting has an explosive force. His performance in terms of the character’s emotional part is also very good. When the TV drama started, his acting on the part where Tae Kyung suppressed his feelings of anxiety and there were tears in his eyes was very good.”

Year 2014 “Haemoo”

Kim Yun Seok praised him saying: “Yuchun is like a sponge, his ability to adapt is very outstanding. I don’t quite understand his past, but he’s definitely not a weak guy who grew up sheltered. That’s why his ability to absorb is very good. His attitude in acting is excellent. In the future, as an actor, he should be able to go all the way and at the same time, grow more.

Kim Sang Ho: “Yuchun already knows how not to overdo and exert too much when acting. Normally, it would take 10 years for other people to grasp this idea. He’s really an intelligent actor.”


—Do you have confidence in your ability to be funny? —

Indeed, during the interview when he just started to debut, Yuchun gave people the impression that he’s more introvert and doesn’t talk much. But right now, during the interview, Yuchun keeps on laughing out loud. He’s cheerful and at the same time, playful. This kind of cheerful disposition, perhaps, has a connection with Mugak.

“Yes. Before his sister became a victim, Mugak was a very cheerful man. After he met Chorim who has an unusual ability, his bright personality was naturally restored. There’s a reflection of my everyday life in my acting during that part.”

Actually, one of Mugak’s charms is his talent to be funny. He reluctantly became Chorim’s comedy partner, who was determined to become a stand-up comedian. Obviously, he’s a man with no feelings, but he’s gifted with such talent. He showed his comedy skills that made people laugh so hard.

“It’s my first time to play this kind of comedy role. It was really very difficult when I was acting on the comedy dialogue. Once again, it made me feel that comedians are respectable. The scenes of the comedy dialogue were mostly done on the spot. And because the director said, “Yuchun, just act as you like!” That’s why it was really quite stressful.”

Mugak was forced by Chorim to put on the wig, and then, seriously posing as a countryside person who just came to Seoul. That part of the drama really made people laugh! Producing an unusual sound by saying “churr”, and then, making a surprised facial expression… it was a skill that would really make the comedians feel that they are not as good!

“Although I’m not like Mugak in terms of how he said the comedy dialogues, but I can make funny jokes. I feel that I have the ability to be funny. I have confidence that I can make people laugh!”

I believe everyone have heard Yuchun said these words during the FM. The director of this drama, Baek Soo Chan who continuously praised Yuchun’s acting, also confirmed it by saying, “Yuchun would usually make some lame/corny jokes to liven up the atmosphere of the filming set.” (laugh)

The actors who have worked with him before have also said the same words. How does Yuchun think about this?

“I don’t know! (laugh) Jokes should be lame/corny… that kind of subtle feeling, to be considered fun!”

No matter how you say it, Mugaks’s comedy dialogue became a hot topic in Korea. You definitely can’t miss this.


The romantic part of this drama is also a must-see. Mugak intentionally treated Chorim coldly and ordered her around. He’s full of arrogance, yet a lot of his lines and actions moved the hearts of a lot of women. While filming, which part of the drama made Yuchun’s heart pound?

“The scene where Mugak used perfume to propose. Because Chorim can see smell, so he used perfume to express his intention. Compared to the method of expressing it, I feel the time while waiting for the answer will make ones heart pound. Although I have the read the script, so I already knew the answer. But still, it made my heart pound. Others are also like this. For example, during concerts and fan meetings, the time while waiting at the backstage before the start of the show, that kind of feeling when your heart beats, I like it very much.”

Then, how does Yuchun feel about a woman like Chorim who likes to be funny, making Mugak as her comedy partner, has the unique ability to see smells, and can also be an assistant during investigations. A very unique girl, right?

“Chorim is always very cheerful even if Mugak doesn’t do anything special. Gaining strength from that kind of woman. She’s also very amusing even if I don’t do anything. That’s why when we were together, it was very comfortable. I feel it’s very nice. It’s still nice for women to feel natural. If a woman likes to be funny, we should be able get along well because I also have the ability to be funny. (laugh)”

How about age? Up until now, the female leads were either of the same age or older than you. Chorim’s age was set to be of the same age as Mugak’s sister. Will your way of getting along with younger women be different?

“It’s my first time to work with a younger actor because the characters were set up like this. Also, Shin Se Kyung is younger than me. That’s why there will be a difference compared to the older characters. The kind of feeling of wanting to protect her and hug her tight.”

You don’t have this kind of feelings for older women?

“No, I also have feelings for older women. Really, I absolutely have feelings but it’s a little different. How do I say this…very affectionate. With older women, I like to hug tight. With younger women, I feel like touching her head because I’m fond of her. Older women’s cuteness is different.”

In the drama, there was this line that move people’s heart…. “How should I call you? My lover, my woman, girlfriend, you choose one!” How does Yuchun think about this line?

“Do women still think this kind of proposal is good? I personally still prefer to be straightforward. The words are shorter. For example, “Then, just like that”. Is it not already understood?”

 “Then, let’s be a couple”, you mean this one?

“Yes, I won’t say that kind of words.”


But with regards to this kind of straightforward proposal, the hearts of a lot of women will be moved!

“It’s okay to call me anything. But I still like being called “Oppa”! In Japan, how do couples call each other? “

“Yuchun-san? It’s not bad too! There’s a feeling of respect. It’s very nice!”

The topic returned back to the drama. Interpreting Mukgak, a man with no feelings, Yuchun’s acting gave people the feeling of exquisiteness. Do you feel that with regards to acting, there’s a particular sense that is very important?

“Ah, with regards to acting, there are a lot of senses that are needed. There’s no way to choose one. Is it the sense where I’m most sensitive? No, it’s not hearing. Actually, my sense of hearing is not very good because before, I often listen to loud music during concerts. That’s why it’s not very good. The sense that I’m sensitive at would be my sense of smell. I hate the fishy smell. I really don’t like that smell. The smell that I like is the scent of something light. It’s not perfume but the smell of shower gels. I like the kind that is not very strong, just a light smell.”

Do you wish to have Chorim’s special ability?

“I don’t want to.”

Yuchun seems to deny it immediately.

“I don’t want to see a lot of things. Being able to hear a lot of things will also be hard. It’s enough for me to have normal senses.”

Then lastly, let’s talk about some serious topic.

“Hey! I’ve been answering the questions seriously!”

Yuchun, of course we understand! (laugh) From Sungkyunkwan Scandal, it’s already been over 5 years since you started performing. Do you have you have any thoughts on acting?

“Honestly, I feel that my acting still lacks a lot. Based on the Japanese age, I’m already 29 years old. I feel that acting officially starts after the age of 30. Specifically, after filming the TV drama and the movie “Lucid Dream”, I feel that if I don’t seriously think about acting, it would be very dangerous. Up until now, there were a lot of parts where I would slack off while performing. But in the future, I have to seriously think about it. Acting is profound. You can’t just use a simple mindset and act. Also, acting with the thought of just satisfying oneself will also not work. That’s why I feel I still have a lot to learn.”

Lastly, do you have any words to your fans?

“This time when coming to Japan, at the airport and also at the places I went, there were a lot of fans waiting for me. I’m really happy. Because of my 2 –year military service, we cannot see each other. Thus, it will more difficult for all of us. Please be sure to take care of yourselves, I will work hard and I’ll look forward to the day when we can meet again and do activities in Japan.”


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