150811 Park Yuchun Offers His Talent of Narration, ‘Soft Voice’

‘The Miracle Piano’ unveils the set of actor Park Yuchun offering his talent in narration.

The warmth of the hope in the movie is naturally felt through the stills of Park Yuchun’s participation in the movie, donating his talent in narration.

In music, drama and subsequently in 2014, through the movie ‘Haemoo’ Park Yuchun is hailed as a movie star after winning the Best New Actor Award in the Daejong Awards. In the set of his narration, Park Yuchun remained unaffected as he naturally emotionalizes with his voice.

Comfortably jamming his baseball cap backwards, he softly delivers the objective of the movie with his distinctively strong baritone voice.

He also carefully checks his narration against the video while recording repeatedly making sure that it reaches the height of perfection. He shows his affection towards the movie through his active participation in donating his talent.

Park Yuchun’s narration in ‘The Miracle Piano’ which stands as the third character in the whole movie is expected to be the viewing point that wins the hearts of the audience.

‘The Miracle Piano’ in which Park Yuchun Park Yuchun donates his talent of narration is set to premier this coming September.

Source: Naver

Translated by: yochwennie

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