151105 Interview: Enlisted Park Yuchun Leaves His Blue Dragon Awards Hand-Printing Before Enlistment


2014 is a special year for actor Park Yuchun.  Debuting on the big screen with movie <HAEMOO>, being awarded as the best new actor at the blue dragon award, he has become the Chungmuro’s rising star. From the look of Yuchun holding his trophy & thanking people he is thankful for,  audience saw the future of Korea’s movies.

A year have passed, this year, he was also invited to Blue Dragon Award as an award winner. However, Park Yuchun was not able to attend the hand printing event on November 5th because of his enlistment at the end of August. It was such a pity that he was not able to leave his hand printing at such honourable moment. So 10 days before Yuchun enlisted, on the 17th of August, we met up with Yuchun. While doing his hand printing, Yuchun recalled the moment he received the award. He said: “I want to become an actor who deserves this trophy”

Yuchun fully deserves this award with his outstanding performance in in <HAEMOO> ,  where he transform into an innocent crewman. But he said: “I never expect myself to get an award at Blue Dragon Awards. When my name was called, I was really shocked, I don’t know what kind of expression I gave to the camera, I did not prepare my speech too, I think I said something weird too. I really went to the award ceremony just to enjoy the ceremony. Sometimes, artist will also want to see other artists. It is also interesting to see if I missed any fun & interesting things from the movie when I first watched it at the movie theatre. However, the burden on my shoulder became heavier after receiving this award unexpectedly. For this, I was quite not used to.”

Different from Yuchun’s unexpected expression (toward getting the award), Director Sung Bo Shim & Director Bong Joon Ho were cheering & sending their congratulatory messages to Yuchun as if they were the ones receiving the award. Seeing that, we can tell that being the maknae in the filming set, Park Yuchun received a lot of love from them. Yuchun:” Because filming was mostly done at places that are rather isolated, the bond with the actors was really good. When there were some freetime, we would go and drink a little. Directors and the crews of Haemoo was all good people, so I spent a good half year, I feel that I am really fortunate.”

To Park Yuchun, <HAEMOO> was a work that make him feel the taste of acting. “Even after a long day of action filming at the set, too exhausted to even say anything but I could feel the happiness and contentment. For example,  it will be really natural to act like you are really exhausted  when you are at your most haggard state, you can express your feeling more naturally. Acting will always get more and more interesting. Sometimes I feel tired too, but I love acting, I even love the exhaustion while acting.”

His last projects before your enlistment, <LUCID DREAM> has not yet been screened. Although it was a small role but with Sol Kyung Gyu’s “Lets act together” invitation, Park Yuchun agreed to it without any hesitation. “I have learned a lot of things working with Sol Kyung Gyu sunbaenim, in order to make the scene with the best result, he went to Gangwon-do. After he was done with the first scene, I actually got his signature.” Seeing the full preparation that Sol Kyung Gyu shown, Yuchun expressed his thought. “Sol Kyung Gyu  sunbaenim is a charming senior. Sunbaenim said after I’m done with my military service, we shall meet again with a good movie. I guess to work together with sunbaenim in a movie or to meet him in a movie, I will work extra hard. Just the thought of it is making me really excited.”

Receiving a surprising gift from Sol Kyung Gyu, a director chair with “Actor Park Yuchun” engraved on it. It was a precious chair made 20 years ago with a message “Although It was not a good gift, but I really want to give it to you as an gift”. Receiving the message from Sol Kyung Gyu, Park Yuchun was really touched. “I have always admired Sol Kyung Gyu sunbaenim, after meeting him in real, I admire him even more.” I dare to say he is my role model. I rested for sometimes after drama <Three Days>, I start choosing another because of sunbaenim. After watching his movie <My Dictator> I really wanted to act again, this is why I decided to be in <The Girl Who Sees Smells>.

“In the future you can be an actor like Sol Kyung Gyu.”  Yuchun’s eyes sparkled as he said: It will be good if I can be like him.” This is a future dream that Yuchun will fulfil. So, how will Yuchun transform to after two years are making us curious. “Living a life as a public servicer outside of the spotlight, I will have time to look back at myself, I will understand myself more. I feel that I have to lead my own life in order to meet a good work. I hope I will become a more complete person after my discharge”

About the fear of welcoming the 30s. Park Yuchun said:” If I have no work on hand, I will get pocket money from my brother (Park Yuhwan).” He smiled happily. “Although I might make wrong decisions in the past, I didn’t live my life carelessly. So I believe, in my 30s, there will still be people around me. And that will be enough.”

Credit: Sport Chosun

C-Translation: Mickybaidu. E-Translation: Shannie

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