160108 Park Yuchun, first solo album ‘How Much Love Do You Have in Your Purse’ preview… “A gift for Fans”

Park Yuchun releases his first solo album since debut.

Park Yuchun’s management agency CJeS Entertainment revealed, “Park Yuchun has been confirmed to release his first solo album ‘How Much Love Do You Have in Your Purse’ on the 18th. The solo album which will be on presales from the 8th onwards is Park Yuchun’s first mini album since his debut in 2004 and has a total of 6 tracks.”

They added, “Park Yuchun recorded this album during his spare time before his enlistment and it is like his gift to fans this winter.”

Park Yuchun’s mini album ‘How Much Love Do You Have in Your Purse’ which is set to be released on the 18th contains the little stories of our everyday lives and the heartfelt message which Park Yuchun wanted to say to his fans without missing out a word but was not able to do so all this while because he was shy.

In the title track, ‘How Much Love Do You Have in Your Purse’, a gentle piano melody, Park Yuchun’s mild voice stands out in the lyrical atmosphere of the ballad title track. Also, the title track includes the live version of his self-composed song which he presented to fans at the 2013 Tokyo Dome stage, ‘Walking With Her In Spring…’, a sad ballad singing about a reminisce and songs which carry the messages he wants to convey to fans about them staying by his side for a long time.

Yuki, Japan’s new age pianist and emotional vocalist, Yozoh’s particpation in this album has especially hyped up the atmosphere and gained attention.

According to one of the officials, “Before his enlistment, he spent his days being occupied with drama and movie filming, so he was concerned about giving the fans a gift and the opportunity came for him to release a solo album for the first time. Because he normally favors and enjoyably listens to Indie music and accoustic genre, Park Yuchun presents his favorite genres in this album without holding back. The lyrics are infused with the stories of the precious people to him and his values about the world. This album is expected to receive warm response particularly from overseas fans. This winter, this album is one which you can warmly and peacefully listen to.”

Source: Naver

Translated by: yochwennie

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