Official Statement from Park Yuchun’s Korean-Foreign Fan Union


Dear all,

We do not have much to say, except that 6002SKY is proud and firm to join  the Korean-Foreign Fan Union to continue to support Yuchun. Like many fansites mentioned above (and many more who did not make into the list due to the limited timeframe), 6002SKY has always been and will always be standing by Yuchun.

Yuchun is facing an extremely difficult time. So feel free to show your love and support, he needs it, we need it. However, please be reminded to:

1. Not get into heated discussions with antis/haters/people who are not ready for an open and fair discussion. If you see any false, malicious contents, simply recap and send it directly to CJES:

2. Not leak/ share any important information. If you do have information, send it directly do CJES.

3. Be careful and wise with your public comments. The media/others can always twist your words and use it against Yuchun/our fandom.

4. Be selective when it comes to acquiring/sharing information. Extreme media play has been the primary factor of this current situation. Wrong (even not necessarily malicious) information can make it worse.

5. Remember: 5.1. Always keep the faith! 5.2. We are called Chunsas (Angels) for many reasons! 5.3. Yuchun loves us because we are pretty!

Much love,

6002SKY Team