160628 “We Will Keep Park Yuchun” The Statement from the Korean-Foreign Fan Union


The statement to express their constant support for Park Yuchun(30) who was accused
of four alleged sexual assaults was announced by his Korean and overseas fans.

On the 27th, the posting by the title of ‘Official Statement from Park Yuchun’s Korean-Foreign Fan Union’ appeared to online communities.

In this statement, Park Yuchun’s Fan Union declared that “We express pity that Yuchun has been the target of provocative mass media coverage and that Yuchun’s privacy has been excessively infringed upon” while “We continue to support him.”

Subsequently, they also declared that “We ask the media to refrain from covering further unproven rumors in order to promote unbiased investigation under legal processes” and “We hope investigations will be held in a prompt and accurate manner so that the clear-cut truth will be revealed.”

A netizen who brought this statement to his (her) own blog explained that “While most real fans have been quietly waiting for the result of this incidence, a position of a certain gallery was disguised as the announcement to represent the stance of the whole fandom and spread through the media so that real Park Yuchun’s fans who support and love him inevitably had to announce such statement.”


On the online communities, various photo shots uploaded by Park Yuchun’s foreign fans to present their enthusiastic support for him also have drawn attentions.

Through such photo shots, numerous fans from Beijing, Shanghai, Chingtao, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Tailand have proclaimed their stances (to support) with the placards on which such phrases as ‘Stand by you, Park Yuchun’ ‘Believe in Yuchun’ and ‘박유천 지켜주겠습니다’ were written.

Hyun Hwa Young reporter hhy@segye.com

Source: Naver

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PS: The project is much much bigger, in many other cities/countries, than the photo of the article shows…