161103 Second Trial of Defendant A & Her Accomplices on Charges of False Accusation and Attempted Extortion

1. Date and Time
Nov. 3, 2016, 4 PM

Note 1: The trial started at 4:30 pm with the 30 minutes delay from the scheduled time due to the late appearance of a witness.

2. Judicial Bench
Seoul Central District Criminal Court 15 Single Judge Choi Jong Jin

3. Defendants
1) Lee, so-called A, charged with false accusation & attempted extortion, imprisoned
2) Hwang (mob) charged with attempted extortion, imprisoned
3) Lee (Defendant Lee’s boy friend) charged with attempted extortion, not imprisoned

Note 2: This case is the case of false accusation and attempted extortion. The above three people stand the trial as the defendants. But, some Korean reporters still put the titles making it look like Park Yuchun’s trial to the news written by them (such as Park Jung Sun from Ilgan Sports in the news posted at 6:20 PM, Nov.3, 2016 by her). It’s not his trial and he is the victim of this case. Such titles are misleading and derived from none other than malicious intentions to make Yuchun as a defendant. If you happen to see the news articles with such titles, please just ignore them. It would give you a very misleading information on this case.

Note 3: Mob Hwang was indicted for 2 other fraud cases so that all 3 cases were consolidated together. As provided under the Korean Criminal Procedure Act, Article 300, the court may order the consolidation of the oral proceedings (i.e., trial cases) upon request of a prosecutor or defense counsel or ex officio to reduce the repetitive procedures. Mob Hwang is still reported as Defendant Lee (A)’s cousin by some Korean reporters (for example, Lee Eun Ho from BizEnter in the news posted at 6:15 PM, Nov.3, 2016). However, this is a false information according to the statement from the Korean Prosecutors’ Office on the indictment of these defendants. If you see any news reporting Mob Hwang as Defendant Lee (A)’s cousin, please just ignore them.

4. Length of the Trial
It took about an hour.

5. The Examination of Witnesses
One witness, Mr. Moon testified for the trial. After the Judge said 2 witnesses would be absent, the court door was closed to general public and the actual examination of witness was done in the closed court.

Note 4: The examination of the witness in this trial was held in the closed court. Anyone who causes revelation of its contents may face criminal charges. It was a warning made by the Judge, according to Korean Chunsas who attended the trial. The news by some Korean reporters were based on eavesdropping by them behind the doors and such behaviors were witnessed by multiple Korean fans (Refer to the tweets by Korean fans such as @skytoyu, @hiycimissu, and @hana_2345). Korean fans witnessed two female reporters who wrote their news articles behind the closed doors.

Note 5: It was scheduled that there would be the examinations of three witnesses during the second trial. But, due to the personal matters, CEO Baek and one other witness had submitted the letter of non-attendance and their witness examination was rescheduled to be on Dec. 1.

Note 6: Several Korean media reported that Mr. Moon testified in place of CEO Baek. It was not logically and legally possible. Refer to the legal definition of the witness in trial (http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/witness). The witnesses are requested by the prosecutors or the defense counsel and should be approved by the judge beforehand. It is beyond our imagination to think of so-called reporters inventing the story of giving testimony on behalf of somebody else. The reports fabricated by such reporters (Some wonder if they deserve the title as reporters) lacking their conscience and intelligence are as follows.

The news posted at 6:15 PM, Nov.3, 2016 by Lee Eun Ho from BizEnter

The news posted at 6:20 PM, Nov.3, 2016 by Park Jung Sun from Ilgan Sports

The news posted at 8:29 PM, Nov.3, 2016 by Xsportsnews Online Team.

The news posted at 12:13 AM, Nov.4, 2016 by Oh Yeon Su from Asia Economy

More detailed info on those reports, please see this summary of the second trial from a Korean Chunsa’s blog (http://blog.naver.com/nowbluecho/220854109730). The basic procedures and the norms of legal matters are similar around the world. Thus, if there are any entities or persons (such as Allkpop) that prove their level of intelligence by translating and delivering such non-sense without question, you’d better skip those and save your precious time.

6. The Announcement of the Future Schedule and the End of the Trial
The next trial will be on Nov. 10, 2016. All of the trials from now on will be held in the Closed Court due to the nature of this case.

Note 7: Yuchun’s testimony will come on Nov. 24. The examination of two additional witnesses requested by the defense counsel will be held on Dec.8.

Note 8: The request by the defense counsel to call a reporter from a Sports Newspaper, who interviewed Defendant Lee (BF) was denied by the Judge. This denial by the Judge was done after the court door was opened so that Korean fans who attended the second trial witnessed the moment.

Source: Blog 1 & Blog 2 

Translated by: Uttunfan

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