All About 6002


Music Career

Group: DBSK (Korea)/Tohoshinki (Japan)/TVXQ (China – Worldwide) & JYJ

Position: Bass/Low Baritone


As a solo artist & musician

~Composed and wrote “Like Weather”/”Fox Rain”

~Wrote “Holding Back the Tears” (Vacation OST)

~Composed and wrote “My Girlfriend” (Runaway)

~Composed “Evergreen” (Only Love)

~Composed and Wrote “Kiss Shita Mama, Sayonara” (with Jaejoong)

~Main vocalist for “All In Vain” (Air City OST)

~Composed and wrote “Kiss The Baby Sky” (Theme Song for Zoom In, a Japanese TV Program)

~Composed and wrote “Love Bye Love”(Mirotic)

~Featured on DJ Makai’s song, “Tokyo Lovelight” (Stars)

~Featured on Super Junior’s song, “Heartquake” (with Yunho)

~Wrote rap part for many other songs of TVXQ

~Composed and wrote “COLORS ~Melody & Harmony” (with Jaejoong)

~Wrote “Shelter” (with Jaejoong and HUB)

~Composed “I Love You” (The Beginning)

~Composed and wrote “A Song Without A Name Part 1” (Their Rooms ‘Our Story’)

~Composed and wrote “Get Out” (with Jaejoong, In Heaven)

~Solo Empty Space For You (Miss Ripley OST)

~Composed and wrote “Walking with Her in the Spring” (No official release)

~Composed and wrote “Thirty”/”Lazy Life” (Just us)

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