About 6002SKY

“When I was asked by one of our member Chunsa to write an intro for this blog, it became interesting when an association with Yoo Chun and this blog came to mind…”


This blog was first designed by a group of dedicated Chunsas who wanted a place of love for Chunnie, some have moved on since, a new group has come in to take over. This seems to be in line with the changes in Chunnie’s career — from the first generation DBSK to now JYJ, and in his own right as a budding actor Park Yoochun.

It’s really all about continuity, about change, about new challenges, and I see Yoochun surely but carefully treading this path. Like meeting new Chunsas everyday at Twitter, they come as fans who know Yoo Chun as an Actor. It gives a different perspective to an old fan like me.


Chunsas from my observation as a long time fan, are a quiet lot, somewhat like YooChun, secretive yet open, reserved yet domineering, a complex character. There also seems to be an unspoken code with Chunsas  , that is, stand firm in their defence for this very person, but at the same time, are also his harshest critics, more so than the non-fans.  But the one thing that is for sure, the love they have for Yoo Chun is steadfast and endearing.


This is a blog created solely for Yoochun, and special thoughts have been given to international Chunsas who do not have the benefit of the Asian languages, we try our best to translate, gather all Yoochun’s articles under one roof.  Understandably everything will be focused on him. He is also part of JYJ, we will be updating on the activities pertaining to JYJ with a focus on him. Please respect this and DON’T BASH OR TROLL should we not update on the other 2 members.


A gathering on news updates, fun anecdotes, fan accounts, pictures, fanarts, people coming in contact with Yoochun etc. — anything at all. Our aim is for international Chunsas to gather, to share, to spazz, to-be Chunsas to get a better feel of the Chunsa family and not forgetting  non-Chunsas to discover him.  We have a twitter account linked to this blog, and yes, please expect incorrigible spazzing on our man!!!


Last but not least, to each and everyone who is taking time to contribute, however big or small,  we say it with our warmest thanks. Every little bit helps in our spread of our love for Park Yoochun, like the blog’s name, 6002sky,  ~ it’s only from the heart can you touch the sky ~ and we’ll like to stand by that.


I think the route Park Yoochun is taking, he’s answering to what his heart says and moving on.  Chunsas, in every corner of the world, are here to partake this journey with him.

We are Keeping The Faith Always, in him, in whatever he does…


From: 6002Sky Team

“We never know how high we are, till we are called to rise, and the, if we are true to plan, our statures touch the sky”

Emily Dickinson


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