150311 SBS ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ Character Profile for Choi Mu Gak – A Senseless Cop (w/ Translation)

Before becoming a cop, he was an aquarist in an aquarium. Three years ago, he lost his sister who was a victim in the ‘barcode murder’. Even though Mugak is a cop, he only learned what ‘barcode murder’ is after a long time.

After losing his sister, Mugak endured without eating and sleeping for 20 days. When there were talks that Choi Mugak may die in that condition, he was found unconscious in a shark tank in an aquarium in Jeju Island.

Subsequently after this incident, Mugak who fell into a coma gained consciousness after 6 months. But there was something wrong with his body. Strangely, he lost his sensory system and ability to smell. His nervous system strangely could not register pain (agony).

It’s like analgesia. [T/N: A medical term for the loss of the ability to feel pain while in a conscious state.]

After losing his sense of smell, because he could smell absolutely nothing, even when there’s a stench from a corpse at the murder scene, he does not need to wear a mask. (This could be mistaken as being manly).

Since he had lost his ability to taste, he does not know the flavor of food. Nevertheless, he’s a glutton. No matter how tasteless the food is, he doesn’t stop until he has eaten up three servings. (This could be mistaken as being manly).

Because he does not feel pain, no matter how bad he is being hit by a criminal during a fight, he fights with the criminal endlessly until he overpowers him. When the pain exceeds its limit, he does not feel it but only faints. (This could be mistaken as being manly).

He has no smiles or tears. He can be called, “emotionless” and he is considerably emotionally dry. He is unable to feel love towards women. With his good looks and laddish charm, ladies are drawn towards him but Mugak’s extreme dullness makes them lose interest. He is so dry to the point that he does not have a love life and social life for him is challenging.

Arresting the murderer of his sister is his life goal. Because of that, he gave up his favorite profession as an aquarist to become a cop. It has been 3 years since the murder took place but not even a clue is found and the case falls into a maze.

Source: SBS

Translated by: yochwennie

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