150722 Interview: I Plus – Drunken Talk with Park Yuchun (Full Translation 3 Parts)

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PYC (29 years old) is born to be artist.

In 2003 debut as TVXQ, in 2009 JYJ, in 2010 debut as an actor and so on, he has never failed. He had a glorious debut, and it has been glorious for a long time. During more than 10 years being active, so far has hasn’t had a step back. Especially in the acting field he’s shining even more brightly.

In 2011 at the Baeksang Arts Awards, through “Sungkyungkwan Scandal” he got the Best Newcomer award for TV dramas; In 2015, through the movie “Haemoo” he got the Best Newcomer award for Movies. Being an idole-turn-actor, getting awards for both departments (T/N: dramas and movies) is the first case. When the aftertaste of winning is soon to be vanished, the PYC that I met again looked relaxed. After having finished taking photos for the interview, he quickly changed into cozy clothes, saying “too hot, how come the weather is so hot” and at the same time dried down a glass of beer. The Park Yoochun whose his twenties were overwhelmed by a celebrity life was going to enlist on the 27th of August. Although he would not be an active soldier but a public service officer, he would be away for 2 years and 4 months. “I really want to be an active soldier. The asthma became a stumbling bloc, I did physical examination several times, but they said it’s at dangerous level, so I couldn’t. Such a shame.”

After drinking about 2 hours, with his face becoming flush red Park Yoochun said “Let’s do an interview the day I enlist. Let’s meet with an even more comfortable appearance.” I said 2 years not being active could be a problem, he answered “Don’t you have any questions, like what girl groups do you like that type of questions”.

This is an official question for a drunken interview, how is your tolerance?

I can drink three four bottles of soju. It’s a little bit scary, but it has already decreased a lot, before, ha…

Between the JYJ members who can drink the most?

It’s still Jaejoong hyung who can drink. But now he’s having a disciplined life, he cannot drink.

Do you drink often?

No, recently I don’t really drink. After the end of “The Girl who Sees Smells” and “Lucid Dream” shooting, I mainly stayed home. Normally I don’t go out. Not like before, I went out 6 times a week to drink. (Laugh)

What do you do at home?

I don’t do anything particular, only like watching movies things like that. Yet the time that I stayed home doing nothing passed really fast. Eating, sleeping, watching movies, that’s the routine.

So for today’s interview,  you’re going out after a long time.

Yes, but recently Jaejoong hyung got out so I also went see him.

He’s the first to enlist among the members. When he came out, the feelings must be different.

The strange thing is that he didn’t feel like a soldier even a little bit. But his body became stronger, he’s more like a real man now. Hyung probably adapts the life of a soldier well, seeing that he became more handsome, I’m really happy.

You have about one month left, how do you feel?

I don’t have any particular regrets, or sadness. Thinking that “anyway other people go as well”, I also don’t need any privileges.

It’s said people around you usually can’t reach you?

That is because I didn’t reply (Laugh) . I don’t talk long on the phone, texting is not my style either. It’s troublesome to keep pressing keys with my thumbs.

Then they must feel pretty frustrated?

Jaejoong hyung once said that: “Sending texts to Yuchun without a reply means you got the answer”, I think maybe Jaejoong hyung was hurt.

Would you treat girlfriend differently?

Not really. Though I will send some texting at first, I won’t keep doing that later on.

Is it the same with phone calls?

No more than 3 minutes. Phone calls are just for simple matters. Recently I had a 27 minutes long phone call with Jaejoong hyung who is in the military. 27 minutes to be exact. I felt exhausted after hanging up the phone. It’s the first time in 10 years to have a call like this.

What were you two guys talking about for so long?

It was not me, Jaejoong hyung did most of the talking. As he was talking about everything, he would say don’t ever hang up. Maybe he is in the military and he misses his friends, so he has much to say.

In Jaejoong’s place, would he feel bad?

The first time when he called, he said “Why didn’t you answer the phone?” I said “Because I was shooting drama so I didn’t pick it up, I will call you next time”. Hyung said “Yuchun, I don’t have a phone…” I’m truly sorry about that. The thing I said to someone who doesn’t have a phone would not be cool. (Laugh)

Let’s talk about your works. Did you self-destruct your image in the drama “The Girl Who Sees Smells”?

In the drama, I played comedy skits with (Shin) Se Kyung, Se Kyungie must have been very tired trying not to laugh.

“Chur” became a popular catchphrase. What are your thoughts towards this?

From the moment when the director asked us to read the scripts, I found the parts with the comedy skits particularly funny, so funny I wanted to yell help, therefore I especially had pressure. I studied over and over again. I didn’t show it to anyone; I only did it once at the shooting. I got really positive response. What a relief.

Is it not easy to make such decision based on previous images?

As an actor, images are constantly changing. What’s important is that audience finds them interesting, so I should take off (idol image burden). Maybe some people will think it’s difficult to do, but I don’t think so. I should fully focus on my acting skills so that people will feel happy. Or maybe it will end faster. There are some improvisations in between.

In the director’s stead, is it not easy to accept improvisations?

The director looks forward to improvisations, because there is no need to worry about acting skills. I will try my best if I promised, as long as it fits the situation. In fact, in drama there are many situations that strictly followed by the scripts.

Are the directors very satisfied?

Oddly I didn’t do very well during reading the scripts. It was the first time reading the scripts, director said “Yuchun, what a disappointment! I didn’t expect that you are at this level.” I felt really bad at that time, I didn’t do well nor did I prepare well, I would be stuck if I kept being like this. So I had been practicing during scripts reading and before the shooting. During shooting, the directors said I was quite smart. (Laugh)

Are there any works that you regret have missed or really wanted to play?

Join Hwang Jeong-min and Kim Jeong-eun in the drama “Hanbando”. I wasn’t able to take it because I was shooting another drama at that time. I have seen the outline and scripts and found it particularly interesting. I think about it now and really want to play.

What are the criterias to consider choosing works?

At first I would discuss with my company. It’s still the case now, however, to some extent, it will reflect my wishes.

Do you worry about the changes in characters?

I didn’t think about changing images, and it’s not an easy thing. Even though my image is different from the one envisioned by others, I don’t need to cater myself to that (standard) practice. Even though it’s easy to meet with balance, I still need to work hard.

The role in “Haemoo” is really unexpected.

I didn’t think about creating special feelings. It’s okay to be natural. Because I portrayed extraordinary characters like tycoon, prince etc. I specially look forward to present ordinary people character and more realistic things in Haemoo. and I did it in Haemoo.

Is there any sex scene?

Even though it’s obvious, I don’t usually pay attention to those. How the audiences accept my sex scene? I don’t have that concern. I wasn’t thinking about the sex scene, instead, I was thinking about how to interpret emotions at that moment and how to present the emotions. If I have to mind how the others would react, acting will be complicated, it’s not okay.

You have taken 8 New Actor’s Award for HAEMOO.

I really appreciate it. I totally didn’t except to get a number of these awards. And Haemoo gave me a lot, the awards account for great proportion for that.

Are these awards so much that make you feel a burden?

Yes. At the end, I have doubted that I deserved these awards with my acting.

The candidates are equally strong. Is there anyone you think can be your serious competitor?

No. Actually, in most cases, I didn’t know who are nominated in the Award Ceremony. I just mentioned this more as an occasion to meet seniors who are difficult to see in normal occasions than an occasion to take awards. And it also gave me awards. I really appreciate it.

You take all awards in all ceremonies you attended. You really hit these awards with every shot. 

Yes. And starting from the fourth award, I have a strong desire to win all. But then I think this desire is useless. Always take awards regularly can be a “terrible” habit as expected.

As we know, you had the Best New Actor Award for Sungkyunkwan Scandal in Drama.

At that time, I had a desire for the BaekSang Arts Awards. Because this (Baeksang) Awards is a comprehensive ceremony and is different from the television ceremony. I also feel different about that. I have won the Best New Actor Award in Movie after four years. It seems like I can do all that.

I hear that your mother has also attended this ceremony.

Yes. My mom just sat behind me. It’s strange that my mom is in other’s camera. My mom seems more photographed than me. Then I told my mom she should dress up next time.

As we know, you debuted as a singer. Do you have the plan to solo album?

Not that I don’t have plan. But I think this part I shouldn’t greed. It’s still the matter for our members. I have this plan all the time, but I’m not able to practice.

And do you have a good type of your solo?

Yes. I have good melodies. It should be good if can release. But I don’t like  commercial music. If this can be achieved, I will let you listen to my story. Some music is free to some people. That is to say not everyone should spend money to listen to these songs. Sometimes I sing my own written songs in concerts. That’s why I don’t publicize my music. In fact, recently someone invite me to make it, but finally I decided not to do this. I don’t like commercial music.

Which music genre do you like?

I like Hip-hop and Rap, especially the Hip-hop. The reason of I like rap is, I can write my own stories longer than other genres. I love that. Beside stories, I also can write lyrically. I like 015B’s songs and Exhibition’s songs (T/N: 015B and Exhibition are two bands in Korea).

You are almost thirty years old. It’s time to fall in love with someone.

I have no girlfriend now. It’s true. And it’s difficult for me to date secretly.

How about most recently relationship?

Well… Must I answer it? Just pass it. (laugh)

Do you think about announcing your relationship?

I have changed my thought. It depends on the real situation. Once I announce it, there can be damage to her side. Therefore, even if I am dating now, I won’t announce it.

It maybe difficult to do that due to your current popularity.

Yeah. Some people think I have nothing else to do. However I really want to live a quiet life. It’s not now. Therefore I need to hide my girlfriend as much as possible. (Even though) You would want to live a life as true to your heart as possible.

Your career in show business has already been twelve years. What will happen later?

I want to get ready to go down slowly. I have prepared it. That is not to say I will be away. I think I have come to the top as an actor and a singer and it’s hard to keep it. So, I choose to go down properly. And that is my direction later in life.

Please say some words to your fans.

Love you. Is there anything else to say? If my fans ask me, the answer will be the same. It is not because they do something for me then I love them. I just think they are pretty and I like them.

You will be thirty three years old when you are out from the army.

Yes. Time passes quickly. Maybe little changed. I hope we can have another interview after I am out. We can talk more frankly. And we can talk about some girls group appeared in that time (Laugh).

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