Others Voice Their Opinions about Yuchun’s Incident

UPDATE 161007

(Those tweets below were posted by @fmpenter when the news about the bail request came out. For those who did not know, the bail request by A was rejected, there was no news on that.)


[TRANS] <Is it normal to ask a hearing to grant bail to people with malicious crimes? Completely abnormal society..> Park Yuchun’s accuser, the 1st trial postponed to Oct. 13th… hearing for bail comes first


[TRANS] <If there exists even a small concern that the bail hearing may affect the establishment of the crime, it is not a right action to use such means..> Park Yuchun’s accuser, the 1st trial postponed to Oct. 13th… hearing for bail comes first

UPDATE 160812

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[TRANS] JTBC Newsroom has been doing biased reports with or without knowingly. There has been no apology or correction of the report after it blurted out Park Yuchun’s case as exclusive and it is also the site that has pretended not to know about the amendment of the Press Act giving a hard blow to the freedom of the press. It isn’t a surprising matter that it has given a biased report on the situation related to Megalian..

☆ T/N: Megalian is an internet based feminist organization in Korea which has recently stirred up the media related to many issues.

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[TRANS] <Besides the accuser who was filed for false accusation, all the other related accusers must be thoroughly investigated and punished when their crime of false accusation will be revealed.. Because it doesn’t seem to be individual, but organized.. > 1st accuser in Park Yuchun’s case • her cousin were imprisoned for false accusation • attempted extortion

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[TRANS] <‘Not guilty, we don’t need such facts. You should just suffer’..The typical type of reporter who has this way of thinking. We must get rid of such trash reporter from the press.. > The crime of false accusation acknowledged? … there is a difference between Park Yuchun and Lee Jin Wook

T/N: This is Mr. Kim’s comment on the Dailian reporter


There is also this old tweet from film producer Won Dong Yeon, which does not say much directly about the incident, but it came to our attention that the wrong translation got circulated, so we think we should share the correct one.

[TRANS] (I can’t find) what kind of correlation there is between the current Park Yuchun’s case and his being awarded at the film festival……I was one of the judges when Park Yuchun was awarded the Best New Actor Award at 2014 Blue Dragon Film Festival. I am confident myself that we proceeded very fairly




1) Kim Young Sam (@fmpenter) is a critic on public culture. He has continuously given encouraging tweets.

[TRANS] (Why) I can’t trust this episode of MBC PD Notebook? It only conveyed the story of one side / Directing in a heavily biased way by the perspective from one side / Requesting the opinion of C-JeS at the time when they can’t hear the opinion itself from C-JeS / Reporting unidentified information which may cause a confusion for the investigation…

[TRANS] <Although CJeS made a basic response to them and they had 3~4 remaining days until the on-air, it was a serious violation against the media ethics to proceed to broadcast without editing> ‘PD Notebook’ made an official apology mentioning that “In the episode of Park Yuchun, it was not true that his agency made no response to us”

[TRANS] I had to give a feigned laughter while I watched the attitude of report by PD Notebook on Park Yuchun, because, for the broadcasting station which never had done a in-depth coverage on and aired the clear overabuse of power by SM in the past, it was a ridiculous thing to deal with the controversy about Park Yuchun around the time when critical corruptions by the authority have been revealed..

[TRANS] C-JeS should start to proceed a strong legal action against Channel A(Dongah), Kukmin Ilbo, and Chosen Ilbo as soon as the police investigation wraps up. While the investigation has been going on, they continue to report the confidential information from it and keep consistently circulating false reports..

[TRANS] <Regarding the circumstances, Not Guilty was almost certain. Because the official announcement didn’t come out, let’s wait for the moment. Later, strong actions should be followed.. The investigation is slow in deed> Police, holding Not guilty stance on all the cases of Park Yuchun accused by sexual assault allegations

[TRANS] <If the police can’t present evidences clearly, the prosecution office will turn down the suspicion.. I expect not guilty again for prostitution.. The evidence of the text message is too limited.. > Park Yuchun side “The allegation of prostitution is not true at all.. We’ll make it clear through the investigation by the prosecution office”

[TRANS] <The response from the media is funny. They unconditionally claimed sexual assault and now it’s the allegation of prostitution, then shows the response that is the same anyway. But, are they the same?..> Park Yuchun Not guilty for sexual assults… transferred to the prosecution office with the opinion of being indicted for the allegation of prostitution

[TRANS] <Is this a matter that can be passed with only apology and recommendation??..> KCSC, recommended measures to ‘PD Notebook’ which had broadcasted the controversies over Park Yuchun


2) Oisoo Lee, a very famous Korean Novelist, has also spoken on the matter.

[TRANS] The media is not likely to make any apology and to regret its mistakes at all about Park Yuchun’s case. After all, it was just a happening to turn the whole nation upside down with all the fuss for burying a young man alive based on the allegations without any clear facts.


3) Another Korean blogger who has posted balanced writings related to this case is Lee Jung Hee.

One of Lee Jung Hee’s articles, titled “NOT Guilty, how can we make it up to Park Yuchun now? At least, let’s please stop throwing stones at him”, contains mostly the same argument as the Law Journal article that 6002SKY has posted the translation HERE.
Lee’s article: http://5252-jh.tistory.com/m/post/1144

And, Kim Young Sam (@fmpenter mentioned above) also wrote an earlier article, titled “The abnormal society that treats Park Yuchun as a criminal in advance. The only answer is strong action (against it)” saying that people should wait until the investigation would be over and the media should stop any false reports to drive the public toward witch-hunting.
Kim’s article: http://fmpenter.com/m/post/3227


4) Japanese Twitter account @kor_celebrities is also one of the few who have showed support for Yuchun since day 1.

[TRANS] Although I am not a fan, compared to all the life putting efforts by a talented young man, a small part of JYJ fans of Korea was too hasty. The false report was withdrawn, another report with low credibility appeared, the investigation just began, and that was just about it. I am waiting for the result while introducing only reliable information.

[TRANS] Yuchun from JYJ has been beaten by the Korean media even after the report filed by Lee was withdrawn. This time, the problem was drinking and visiting the establishment during the period of his military service? It wasn’t a violation of any rules as a public service worker, and beyond that, it was a realm of individual privacy. The level of reports of T and M corporations were low. I want them to stop now.

[TRANS] According to information, the foundation of applying「Special Law on Prostitution」and the like to Yuchun from JYJ by the police was the content of the phone of「The 1st woman」. She is the one who demanded a large amount of money by blackmailing and had repeated filing and cancelling the report to the police. If this information is true, is the content of the phone owned by such women credible? I expect the strict judgement from the prosecution office.

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