160922 Park Yuchun’s Accuser, Her First Trial Postponed to Oct. 13th… Hearing for Bail Comes First

BizEnter Lee Eun Ho Reporter

The first trial for A who has been imprisoned on the charges of false accusation and attempted extortion after filing a report against Singer/Actor Park Yuchun would be postponed. It was known that the first trial for A and her accomplices originally scheduled on the morning of the 22nd was postponed to Oct. 13th. Before that, on this coming 27th, a hearing related to the bail applied to the court by her lawyer is scheduled to be proceeded.

After A was imprisoned in August, she has been taken into custody at a detention center. Her lawyers have applied a bail for her on the 12th based on their judgement of “no danger of obstruction of the evidences and flight” and with the purpose of “request of going to trial under the state of release to have the trial right to defend.”

Meanwhile, A filed a complaint against Park Yuchun for alleged sexual assault in last June, but she withdrew it after being reported by the media. However, after Park Yuchun was found innocent for sexual assault accusation and the police detected the circumstances that A and her accomplices tried to extort a few hundreds of million Wons in the process of filling report to the police, the prosecutor’s office indicted A for false accusation and attempted extortion while being imprisoned and indicted two of her accomplices for attempted extortion without detention. (T/N: This last part was the mistake made by the reporter. One of her accomplices, Mob Hwang was also imprisoned before the public indictment.)

Source: BizEnter
Trans by: Uttunfan
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Some important notes:

1. A and her 2 accomplices are now officially the ‘defendants‘ according to the Korean criminal law after being publicly indicted by the prosecutors’ office.
So, A’s official state is ‘false accusation and attempted extortion defendant‘, not just an accuser – what Korean media is still using.

2. This is a trial against A and her accomplices. And since it is a criminal case, the plaintiff is the prosecutors’ office. Yuchun is not directly related to this trial (By all means, NO “Yuchun’s trial” or “Yuchun goes to trial”).

3. This bail request is made to the court (not the police), hearing is proceeded by judges. The prosecutors will also give their opinions on the bail.