161011 Park Yuchun’s Accuser, Bail Application Denied… Brought to Trial While Being Held in Custody

[BizEnter Lee Eun Ho reporter]

A, who had filed a report against Park Yuchun for alleged sexual assault and was indicted on charges of false accusation and attempted extortion, will be brought to trial while being held in custody. According to legal circles, A submitted a bail application to the court on 12th last month. At that time, A’s lawyer explained to BizEnter that “based on the judgement that there are no danger of destruction of evidence and flight”, they applied for a bail “with the purpose of going to trial under the state of release to have the trial right to defend.”

However, the court has denied the bail application. According to the explanation of the court, “there are grounds of destruction of evidence or fear of destruction, and flight or fear of flight.” Therefore, A will go to trial as scheduled as on the 13th while being kept in custody.

Meanwhile, A filed a complaint against Park Yuchun for alleged sexual assault in last June, but she withdrew it after being reported by the media. However, the police detected the circumstances that A and her accomplices tried to extort a few hundreds of million Wons in the process of filling report to the police. The prosecutors’ office indicted A on the charges of false accusation and attempted extortion after A had been arrested and held in custody.

Lee Eun Ho reporter wild37@etoday.co.kr

Source: BizEnter

Trans by: Uttunfan

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