140813 Park Yuchun “I smell like an actor is the best compliment to me” (SBSFunE)

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Q: Your first screen debut is less than a week away. You must feel really nervous?

A: After the VIP premier, the press gave a lot of praises. That made me rather more nervous. I
would prefer to not have any favorable comments about it because then I would not have to worry whether the movie will also receive good comments from the public audience. I hope that those who watch Sea Fog will feel the satisfaction.

Q: How did you end up joining this movie?

A: I was handed the scenario last year. At the same time, I was not aware that Producer Bong Joonho was involved in the production and Director Shim Sungbo would be directing this film.
After reading the scenario, I had this idea that it’s a powerful and I wanted to do it regardless. It
was mentioned that Director Shim Sungbo will be doing the casting and scenario. If you really watch our film, you will feel that it’s right.

Q: Seems like you did not choose an easy role for your first movie debut. It’s a significantly dense production. Why did you certainly want to do it?

A: Of course, when I was reading the scenario I had this feeling of whether it’s going to be good or it’s not going to be easy. But I think that was the point which attracted me even more. The incident and situation in the movie were generally unfamiliar. I was curious how will the characters act and how will the actors carry out the expressions in that incident. I wanted to try and experience it. I have no fear in taking a new path. Moreover, the scenario looked so solid I was not worried.

Q: Jeonjinho’s youngest crew Dongshik is relatively the naive and pure. He’s a common sailor you can see around you. Seems like it requires a lot of effort to analyze this character. In particular, you did the Yeosu accent very naturally.

A: Luckily for me, I did not have high expectations from people. Though I carried less burden while doing it, I split my spare time to create my character. Firstly, I watch documentaries of seaman and master their lifestyle. I learned the accent the same way too. People who work aboard a ship generally have loud voice. They are also quick in their decisions. I bear those points in mind and assigned it to my acting in the later half of the movie.

Q: When watching the movie, what shocked me was that you did now show that you were intimidated by filming among great actors. Although you have much experience in acting in dramas, other types of tension may surface at the movie filming site…How did you over come that pressure?

A: Excluding the later part of the filming, the rest of the filming was directed in sequence of the story according to the director. Hence, it was relatively possible to follow the emotions of the
character. Also, the harmony between the casts and there were many drinking parties from the start when filming took place. We were already familiar with one another when we filmed.
Instead, the pressure came from other things.

Q: What kind of pressure?

A: For dramas, 10 scenes can be filmed in a day but for a movie, it’s only possible to film two scenes at most in a day. One scene is taken from various angles and multiple times. At first, I could not adapt to the tempo. Later on, when I have familiarized with the flow it was good that I could focus more on the character.

Q: No matter what, at the filming site of a movie the actors and production crew have many
opportunities to bond and get close, right? At a quick glance, it looks like the 5 main actors’ and Park Yuchun-ssi’s color is different.

A: In this movie, I have learned that personal contacts are very precious. My circle of contacts are not that wide. JYJ members, old friends and company acquaintances is almost about all of my personal contacts. It was my first time experiencing going out for drinks everyday after filming to have bonding time with other actors. At first it was awkward and uncomfortable. But after a few times of doing the same thing and familiarizing myself to it, I valued those enjoyable times. Seems like that was how we naturally got along with one another.

Q: Perhaps that is why all the actors look very well-blended in the movie.

A: Through this film, I seemed to have gained a lot of needed nutrition. The natural private conversations I had with the seniors naturally created the relationship between the Jeonjinho crew. In each filming, I am always influenced by the other actors. Even more so with senior actors. It’s feels like something that boils up. The seniors can naturally guide me acting properly.

Q: There are two types of actors. Yuchun-ssi, are you the type who will strive to do your best or the type who needs a push for motivation to do your best?

A: The former one. I am the type who will do my best and even better. Whatever it is, as long as I enjoy it, I’m happy. In saying that, the seniors have treated me really well. Thanks to that I was able to shake off the nervousness I felt at the early phase. At first, I was nervous during the script reading. I felt as if I was going crazy because I could not prepare the accent for the lines. Other than that, everything else was fine.

Q: Sea Fog became a huge topic since production stage because it is Producer Bong Joonho’s production. What kind of influence does Producer Bong Joonho actually have? Does he visit the site often?

A: Apart from staying overseas because of Snowpiercer’s overseas schedule, he was at the scene almost all the time. While staying at the filming site, he and Director Shim Sungbo will consult each other about the film and observe the actors’ acting.

Q: Director Bong Joonho praised Park Yuchun-ssi saying, “We have got an outstanding actor in the film industry.” It may be lip service but also an extremely honorable appraisal. How do you feel about it?

A: I’m flattered. However, because Director Bong is not a person who would say something pointless, I feel extremely good. It feels like receiving years of awards all at one time. But he did not mention about working together again. I’m waiting for those words…I wish to hear it personally from his mouth. It feels like he won’t look for me anymore because those words were not said. But I would like to work with him again…

Q: When you look at Dongshik and Hongmae (Han Yeri)’s love, at time it looks lovely but there are times when it seems pitiful. What do you think about the budding pure love in that extreme situation?

A: It’s a love that is very much needed. It’s their expression of sympathy. In that one moment, they could just love each other, trust one another and to protect each other because it is difficult to wake up to reality. It looks like a very beautiful love.

Q: You had a bed scene (T/N: replaced the word to bed because the original word is rather explicit) in your first movie. It’s nothing high-level but it involved a lot of emotions so acting looks quite tough.

A: It was very difficult. Emotionally, I mean. A horrible incident is arising in front of Dongshik’s eyes. The feeling of guilt for not being able to stop that incident from happening, the feeling of being left alone and fear all happening at the same time. How difficult it is to go through all those emotions at one time. In that narrow space, it is in fact very thankful and precious that Hongmae was there. It was like he wanted to scrape off those complicated emotions. The will to live and to protect Hongmae actually has the same meaning.

Q: How is it like at the filming site? Acting somehow consumes a lot of mental and physical strength it seems?

A: Very worn out. I filmed for about 4 hours in the emotional state of the character and cried a lot. It was emotionally more taxing than physically.

Q: How was the chemistry with your partner, Han Yeri? In this movie, I think Han Yeri’s charm was dazzling.

A: It was very good. Though I am not sure who, but the man who marries Han Yeri-ssi is a very blessed man. She is really an attractive lady.

Q: In consideration of the audience who have yet to watch the movie, let’s not get into detail but in short, how much do you agree with each other’s choices?

A: We completely agree with each other. We had no other choices but that.

Q: Before watching Sea Fog, I thought Cheol-ju (Kim Yunseok) was the focus of the story but after watching, I feel that Dongshik’s actions and emotions are very important in the movie as well. What do you think?

A: Erm…it’s a very difficult question. It’s not something that can be precisely explained in the movie. After an extreme situation, an incident happens back-to-back. Whether it’s a horrible happening or good incident, it will still leave behind an experience. After watching our movie, I hope the audience will think of that at least once.

Q: What kind of turning point does Sea Fog become for Park Yuchun-ssi? It is much more difficult than any other films and yet you did well. After this film, what changes did it bring to yourself?

A: It may not do much for my expression of emotions but I seem to be able to understand some emotions more deeply. I do not think that acting will improve just by receiving training/lessons for 10years. The thing that is more important than that is experience. You will be able to express better after grafting small experiences little by little into your acting. That’s why, rather than acting, for me, I would rather live life. Focus on living my life. As you focus in life, you will be able to broaden your range of acting.

Q: I heard that you are interested in antagonistic roles. If you ever play the role of a villain, how would you tackle that?

A: Yes. I haven’t got to try it out but I would like to try acting the role of a spiteful psycho. On the outside, he looks like a very nice person but if you get to know him, he’s a mysterious psycho. At present, I can only imagine it but I think it will be fun when acting it out.

Q: You have been in acting for some time now. How has it been? Is it something that gets more enjoyable the more you do it?

A: Very much indeed. Though activities as a singer is fun and I like music but when it comes to acting, there are many things to feel about it and it’s good.

Q: There is a stereotype going on for idol-turned-actors. In the early days of your acting activities, there might have been some feelings which you did not show but how did you overcome it?

A: Originally from the start I’ve always wanted to act. I believed in my talent and passion. My debut acting piece was a traditional drama. There were concerns about an idol-turned-actor taking on a role in historical drama. I however, did not care about the pessimistic responses and did it comfortably. I merely thought, “If this drama does not work out then I may not act again.” It was an ‘all or nothing’ thing but I had confidence.

Q: You seem to have a really positive way of thinking.

A: I’m trying to think on the bright side. Otherwise there will be many things that cannot be done. I thought more about the things that I could get more than the things that I cannot do. It doesn’t mean that if you cannot do this, then you won’t be getting this.

Q: In my eyes, Yuchun-ssi has an achromatic charm. Your personality is plain but as white as a drawing paper, you seem like an actor who can fuse in strong points.

A: Really? I do not really like to be too outstanding/noticeable. Haha. So, I don’t like being a public figure. I particularly do not like to step out of the house. I want people to look at me like an ordinary person and not a celebrity but that is impossible, isn’t it? Actually, I go around a lot but not many people could recognize me. Maybe because I was very scruffy. Haha.

Q: If so, for a person who does not like the limelight, the process of becoming a singer and actor can be dramatic.

A: Erm…It’s not so much about lacking passion but just a difference in personality. Since childhood, I’ve liked music and composition so I had a dream of becoming either a songwriter or novelist. Even when attending school, I asked myself, “Why are you attending school?” So I skipped school and went to the park to do writing. Though I like music and I became a singer, when I am a singer I wanted to be quiet. But a singer’s job is one which constantly requires me to be in the limelight and show myself so, in that sense I don’t quite like it.

Q: You received different evaluations while you were acting, didn’t you? There were favorable comments as well as criticisms. For Haemoo in particular, from the beginning you received many praises but what type of comment are you most pleased with?

A: Comments like “Park Yuchun, you can continue acting in movies in the future,” “There’s a scent of an actor.” Until now, I am still shy in calling myself an actor but to hear those kind of comments, it makes me feel good. Fortunately, there are good comments for my first movie. It’s a happy thing, right? A good movie can be of box office value but at the same time there will be shortcomings too. No matter what the result is, I think I have received a lot from this movie.

Q: Seems like you’ll be joining the army? It’s a pity that you will be leaving Haemoo as the peak. You should ride on this momentum and take on more films.

A: Absolutely not. I had more concerns after shooting Haemoo than before it started. I was concerned about what type of films I want to do and what type of films I should be doing. If I have a little more time, I would want to go for it. I would like to slowly think about Park Yuchun as an individual and Park Yuchun as an actor. In this sense, the gap of 2 years will be a very precious time.

Q: Haemoo has been invited to the Toronto International Film Festival. Are you scheduled to attend? If you do attend, it will be your first time participating in an international film festival. How will it be like?

A: I would really love to attend but because JYJ’s concert will be around that time, I don’t think I will be able to make it. JYJ is not my individual activity so during my schedules as a singer, I have to adjust to the other members’ schedule too. I’ve seen in the news when people walk down the red carpet in an international film festival, it seems very wonderful. But the seniors said that they will be drinking a lot. Haha.

Q: This is quite an offbeat question. You’re turning 30 right? Your concept of love and relationship with the opposite sex will also seem to change. Particularly like this in movie, after experiencing such an intense love, I assume your view on love would have also changed?

A: Love…it’s difficult. It’s tough. Though you may have decided on it, you may not have it your way…The thing that is more difficult that work is love. If I do meet someone I really love, I would give up everything and just go for it. It’s not like “I’m giving up everything for you” kind of thing but when two become three and three become four and naturally giving your all…that is love.

Q: What kind of a charm in a woman are you attracted to?

A: Are you asking about “innocent by day, sexy by night” kind of stuff? Haha, just kidding. Firstly, the most important thing is the family environment. A person who receives a lot of love from her family is good. (The reporter said Yuchun was very pedantic). When looking for love, that is a very important element. In one way for another, children will be heavily influenced by their parents. It’s good if she has a sexy appearance but that is not all that I will be looking for.

Q: Now, this is the last question. Please give some advice to the audience who will be watching Haemoo as well as those who are hesitating to watch it.

A: Haemoo is not as dark and heavy as I thought it to be. You will also see the difficult pure love in the movie. It’s not as intense as you imagine but if I were to say it’s not too intense, you might be surprised…Anyway, it’s a movie which will leave you many thoughts after watching. How much have we thought about the life we live? If you ask, “How many times do you look up at the sky each day?” many people will halt at that thought. If you watch Haemoo, you will have a good opportunity to think about the various emotions of life’s experiences. Do come and watch it.


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